Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Marketing and Advertising Online Using a Reservation System

Can a Reservation System help with Marketing and Advertising?  You bet!

  • Implement agent access and links so that an UNLIMITED number of partners, agents and resellers can check availability and book direct, eliminating the need to phone, fax, email.
  • Grow your network and increase online exposure exponentially with unlimited shopping carts.  Overbooking is not a worry because everything is tapping into the same availability from your central booking management system.
  • Gain confidence and respect by offering your customer a professional and modern shopping cart with ability to check real time availability and make secure payments online.  
  • Receive bookings in the off hours!  With live availability and online sales,  your customers can book whenever they want.  Otherwise, they'll just head over to the next website if you are not available when they call for info.
  • Get out and promote your operation with all the time saved by automating your system.  Eliminate ALL the time consuming tasks such as preparation of reports, invoices, statements, guest data entry, balance due reminders, payment processing, daily manifests, accounts receivables, agent activity....

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