Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Adventure Engine announces new Facebook integration

Adventure Engine announces new Facebook integration.  Sell your trips on Facebook.  Add a “MY TOURS” or a “BOOK OUR TRIPS”  button on your Facebook page that leads to a list of your offered trips.

Enhance the list with photos, video, trip descriptions, base pricing and detailed itineraries similar info otherwise found on your website.  Now customers can click to view a list of your trips on Facebook and then check availability and even book right in your secure Adventure Engine shopping cart.  The same cart that is easily installed into your website.

"There are other companies that ‘sort of’ integrate trips into Facebook but as soon as visitors click for more info, they are redirected away from the Facebook website.  We keep the integration intact right through to booking" says company owner, Kelly Acheson.  "Its super easy to apply and we do all the work for you to ensure a quick launch".  Adventure Engine is happy to add yet another great feature to its reservation and booking management systems.

Customize and Automatically Send Important Trip Information to Your Customers

How many details do you need to take care of in order to prepare the perfect experience for your customers?  We know it can seem endless with not enough hours in the day.  The Adventure Engine system offers tools to automate tasks that normally take hours and hours.

Payment Receipt and Order Confirmation 
  • Send receipts automatically when payment is processed (from website or from the office)
  • Customize to include important trip information along with it such as gear lists, instruction, itinerary, directions and more     
 Balance Due Reminder
  • Send a friendly reminder when balances are due
  • Offer a link on your site where customers can go to pay balances on their own in a secure payment portal
Pre-Trip Emails
  • Schedule to send a "your trip is coming up" email automatically any number of days before trip date
  • Include last minute reminders about gear, preparation, directions, instructions and more 
  • Create vouchers / tickets for customers  for admission, access to 3rd party events
 Post Trip Request for Feedback
  • Automatically send an email a few days after tour requesting feedback 
  • Customize the time to send and the email copy for EACH trip/tour you run 
  • Include social media links

Need more? No problem.  Adventure Engine can custom build and schedule all your documents and communication requirements.  'Wow' your customers with professional and timely communication.  Increase customer service AND reduce your workload at the same time! 

Marketing and Advertising Online Using a Reservation System

Can a Reservation System help with Marketing and Advertising?  You bet!

  • Implement agent access and links so that an UNLIMITED number of partners, agents and resellers can check availability and book direct, eliminating the need to phone, fax, email.
  • Grow your network and increase online exposure exponentially with unlimited shopping carts.  Overbooking is not a worry because everything is tapping into the same availability from your central booking management system.
  • Gain confidence and respect by offering your customer a professional and modern shopping cart with ability to check real time availability and make secure payments online.  
  • Receive bookings in the off hours!  With live availability and online sales,  your customers can book whenever they want.  Otherwise, they'll just head over to the next website if you are not available when they call for info.
  • Get out and promote your operation with all the time saved by automating your system.  Eliminate ALL the time consuming tasks such as preparation of reports, invoices, statements, guest data entry, balance due reminders, payment processing, daily manifests, accounts receivables, agent activity....