Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NEW! sneak peak at Summit: create custom client form

In this short video we review how Adventure Engine allows tour operators total control over design and function of the forms clients complete upon check-out.

One of key features is rule setting such as will this question be answered by all the participants in the group or just the group leader.
This functionality was created based on feedback we received from tour operators who needed a lot of information from the person booking the tour but only the name and email of the rest of the group members.

Operators create the question, determine the answers type (text, single, multiple choice) and can make the question required (or not)

And much more...!

Check the video and tell us what you think
(Hint: if you want to view full screen click the symbol of four arrows just below the YouTube logo)

Free webinar: how online reservation systems can work for you

Feeling the need to keep up with travel industry using online sales but unsure if your company can easily take advantage of the benefits? Will your products, business methods and staff be successful online?

There are a lot of different tour operations out there and online reservation systems need to be able to handle both the simple and complex aspects.
How will the system work?
How easy it is to add an online shopping cart?
What will customers experience?
how easy will it be for your staff?
How are different businesses benefiting?

This session will answer all of these questions and allow you the chance to ask your own!

May 27th, 12 p.m. PDT click here to register free of charge.

Monday, May 17, 2010

LinkedIn for AdventureTourism Industry: access 800+ peers

LinkedIn is an powerful, free tool for professionals in any industry.
It allows you to connect with your industry peers, network, quickly share news, events, find partners and much more.
Adventure Engine hosts a LinkedIn group that has over 800 members from the adventure tourism and travel industry. The group is moderated and only those with industry connections are permitted to access the group and discussions are limited to topics of interest to adventure tour and travel professionals (not weight loss pills!)
Every day there are new discussions, journalists looking for tourism story leads, agents looking for providers and tourism providers commenting on industry trends, new trip launches and events.
It is a great way to interact with a large group of industry professionals easily and the dialogue is fast a valuable in these channels.
LinkedIn has over 65 million members worldwide and grows steadily every day, the ability for your message to extrapolate through member networks is astonishing and it is a fabulous way to build your industry connections.
Hope you give it a try at www.linkedin.com and once you are on (or if you are already a member) be sure to try the Adventure Travel and Tourism Professionals Group click here. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your content.