Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adventure Engine welcomes EverGreen Escapes

EverGreen Escapes is the Pacific Northwest's premier local and sustainable adventure travel company based in Seattle, Washington USA. EverGreen Escapes specializes in crafting upscale nature, active and education based experiences throughout the Northwestern U.S. & British Columbia, Canada.

Whatever the pursuit-bird watching, hiking, sea kayaking, cycling, snowshoeing, rock climbing or wine tasting-your escape is creatively designed and executed with a commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

In keeping green, EverGreen Escapes is working with STI to help offset their carbon footprint. Through EverGreen Escapes' Adventure Engine shopping cart, customers will now be able to voluntarily opt-in and offset during the reservation process.

"My AE system will allow me to offer carbon offset donations right into the shopping carts of my existing trips. Even better, I can choose whether it's a fixed, mandatory amount or a variable, optional amount. I love the flexibility. Super quick and easy."

- Jake Haupert, Owner

EverGreen Escapes

Agents and tour operators seeking tours to sell!

Adventureengine hosts a very active community of tourism professionals in the online community LinkedIn. Currently there are several operators looking for ground tour providers to represent.

"Looking for high quality operators targeting particularly on the age 40+/higher end market with programs focused on learning, culinary, voluntourism, soft adventure experiences.

We are currently hosting trip content provided by approximately 600 small/medium size tour providers worldwide. We could use more unique programs in the listed categories. We do not host inventory but rather connect consumers directly with tour providers. If you offer this type of program please contact me! Recommendations required. "

Click here to join the LinkedIn group and respond to this and other requests.