Friday, August 28, 2009

One of Latin Americas most successful Hostels - Milhouse Hostel - chooses Adventureengine

Milhouse is one of the most successful hostels in Latin America.

They have recently made the shift to integrate Adventure Engine for all payment processing. "When traveling around South America sometimes ATM's are not easy to find, they don't always work or they just charge a lot for a normal money withdraw. With Adventure Engine we've improved a lot the payment process making it more efficient and making life easier for our guests as they don't have to carry much cash. We have already increased sales as people spend more if they can use their credit cards and of course, as a consequence, we are offering a better service which is always the main goal for any hostel."

- Mariano Saccal
Milhouse Hostel

Milhouse's customer focus is a major factor in their success, and they have been developing their services a lot in the last few years in order to keep ahead of the game. They have gone from a hostel where you could book a bed in a room to a hostel that provides a true and complete experience. Travelers can choose to stay in either dorms or private en suite rooms, with activities every single day, a travel agency specialized in backpacker products and very high quality standards.

Hostels in general and Milhouse in particular are nowadays very far from the old concept of a room with hundreds of bunk beds and a huge shared bathroom. You will be pleased to find very convenient places to stay, with great value for your money and an atmosphere that will make your stay something to remember at Milhouse Hostel.

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