Thursday, May 28, 2009

ATTA research "automate everything possible"

Adventure Engine recently attended a presentation put on by the Adventure Travel Trade Association and learned a great deal more about adventure travel in today's market.

One of the major points covered in the presentation was the importance of focusing on operator efficiencies, especially by automating everything possible. Anything done more than once should be examined as a possible candidate for automation. This can include everything from reservations to collecting payments, creating reports to sending email confirmations.

Other great tips from ATTA's "in the field" presentation section include:

Tighten assortment - let go of unproductive segment - if a trip isn't great, ELIMINATE IT
View your trips as a service, like a doctor or lawyer - discount CREATIVELY
Yield management - what yields the GREATEST return in terms of profit, customer return, cost-elimination

Click here to learn more about the Adventure Travel Trade Association.