Thursday, January 29, 2009

Show your trips on VAST travel -a new sales opportunity for AE clients!

Trips on are now displayed and ready for sale on is the leading vertical search platform for autos, travel, and real estate, with millions of users a month making purchasing decisions through's network of partner websites. improves the online shopping experience with the largest selection, sub-second search times, and intuitive auto, real estate, and vacation/travel search that helps users find the best match on the Internet for their needs.

This means if you are signed on with Adventureengine and have trips available; your trips will be shown on this superb travel site!
A great opportunity for both marketing and sales of your programs.
No extra cost for Adventureengine subscribers.
Just another way Adventureengine helps you manage and sell your trips!

See Adventureengine trips on VAST by clicking here

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Success Story of the Month

Bay of Islands Rock Cruises Ltd. registered with the Adventure Engine system at the end of November and was up and running by the beginning of December. That's how quick and easy this system is to use!

Check out what Sarah McMaster, owner of Bay of Islands Rock Cruises company has to say:

"Our small overnight cruise business in Bay of Islands, New Zealand recently decided to make the move to online booking. On a recommen-dation I got in contact with Kelly and her team. Inside three weeks we were up and online with our first online bookings coming through in the first 24 hours we went live! It was so quick and easy. Any queries we had were answered straight away and the link into our banking system was set up immediately. Thanks to Adventure Engine the whole process was quick
and easy."

Take a look at the Bay of Islands Rock Cruises website to see how seamlessly the Adventure Engine system integrates into their site and just how easy it is for your customers to use.