Monday, December 29, 2008

Every company type can use Adventureengine

We are often asked what kinds of adventure tour companies and what activities can use Adventureengine.
Our answer is simple – all of them.
Everything from hourly, daily, multi-day trips.
Accommodation based, inventory heavy, different prices different days/weeks no problem.
Or you just have simple trips? Basic price and add on options – even easier.
Some of our companies use adventure engine as a way to track inventory, allow travel agents access/booking ability, as a cash register/ merchant account provider, online reservation system and more.

We work host over 50 activity types using the system and more each day. Activities like hiking, paragliding, biking, rafting, kite surfing, skiing, safaris, small cruise and more

So to bring in the New Year – save yourself money, time and bring your product online in 2009. We will help you bring your company up to speed no matter what kind of company you have!

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