Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Have complicated trips and inventory? No problem!

Adventure Engines newest release includes an industry leading inventory module.
Tour companies with complicated inventory requirements have been kept off the real time online sales playing field and missing out on thousands in savings - but no more!
Companies manually tracking inventory often scramble to update assignments and with multiple staff can easily double book.

Now companies that use shared inventory to run their trips and tours can manage availability using Adventure Engine and never worry again.

If your operation has complicated rules to set availability by for example:
You have a lodge for 20 plus 3 vehicles for transporting clients, 20 pieces of rental gear and advertise a 3,5,7 day tour all using the same inventory the Adventure Engine system can handle it.
If a group books out Dec 25-28th with a 3 day booking the 5 and 7 day will no longer be available.(unless the system manager overrides)

It is perfect for lodges, rafting companies, cruise, tours using multi inventory shared across trips that affect availability.

In our experience most tourism operators can mange with the base module and "extras functionality" to manage their inventory and rentals but if you have a complex scenario like the one above - we can handle it. And our staff set it up for you!

rule setting: inventory is assigned rules like:
- is it included or an additional cost
- is it mandatory or optional
- is this item viewable by the client during booking or just for management
- does this item affect availability or not
- black out dates
- transfer clients from one inventory item to another
- base reporting ( customized reporting can be provided)
- prices of inventory (room or transport vehicle etc) pricing can alter based on trip or date
- program a piece of inventory to be used only certain days of trips
- inventory build - a "parent" can be set like Lodge A then "children" added like all the rooms and their individual capacity create availability for the parent lodge
- availability calendar of all items per trip or date range at a glance

inventory is created based on your organizations needs and assigned to trips, one change to inventory automatically updates all trips that use it.
Never worry about double booking again?

View a short video demo here

Call us or email for a demo at info@adventureengine.com

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