Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How busy tour companies can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars

How busy tour companies can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.Companies that run tours and activities can save hundreds of hours every year by automating simple processes in their operation.A few examples for a company running 1000 seats a year automating the following processes:

· Answering calls for availability = save 175 hours
· Having to manually enter client information = 125 hours
· Sending balance owing reminders = 50 hours
· Adding to orders manually = 125 hours
· Sending post sale information manually = 50 hours

Just these few small tasks (10-15 minutes each) can add up to over 500 hours a year.
At $12 an hour that’s $6000!

How do you save this time?

Upgrade your reservation system and connect it to a booking engine with an availability calendar on your website.
Whether you run simple or complex trips Adventure Engine can set up the perfect system for your company.
Get a full reservation and online sales system for as little as $299 set up and $99/month. This even includes an online Visa/MC merchant account if you need one.

A free consultation is provided to overview how your company sells trips and how you can benefit from an online reservation system. The staff at Adventure Engine can set up the entire system for you and get you selling on line and saving time quickly and easily.

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Call Adventure Engine at 1 800 993 6648 or visit the site at to set up your free consultation and get started now.

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