Friday, July 25, 2008

Arctic Tropic adds online sales to their website with Adventure Engine partnership.

Capitalizing on the trend of over 90% of travelers researching and over 55% buying their leisure travel online, Arctic Tropic is adding a “Buy Online” option to their consumer site as a value add for their subscribers. This feature will allow shoppers to view trip availability and make a purchase directly from the Arctic Tropic website.
Adventure Engine is supporting this functionality with its trip distribution system and by offering their platform to Arctic Tropic subscribers.

“We are very excited about the opportunity for Arctic Tropic subscribers to begin actively selling from the website.” commented Amber Hayes CEO of Adventure Engine.
“Adventure Engine allows any type of tour operator to load their trips to the Adventure Engine system and begin selling direct from their own website and the Arctic Tropic site. This is a great opportunity to start converting the shoppers on Arctic Tropic to buyers! We see our tour suppliers saving up to 60% per reservation by automating online reservations so this is a great upgrade for suppliers who currently don’t have this functionality.”

Tourism operators using Adventure Engine have also had their loaded to Arctic Tropic increasing their distribution scope.

To see an example of the Arctic Tropic online system in action with one of these suppliers click here
We hope that this opportunity for sales conversion is embraced by the current marketing program subscribers to Arctic Tropic.
To provide more informationAdventure Engine will be holding an online seminar to review the program open to all Arctic Tropic and Adventure Engine subscribers.
It will include program benefits, fees and requirements as well as live case studies. Industry tips like key trip description content to support online sales conversion will also be reviewed in the session.

To join the online session August 7th, 1 pm PST click here private consultation contact Amber Hayes of Adventure Engine at or call 1 800 993 6648.

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Arctic Tropic:
ArcticTropic links to adventure travel destinations from Pole to Pole - From the Greenwich Meridian to the International Date Line.ArcticTropic is a site for serious adventure travelers - not the casual tourist.ArcticTropic is not the place to find an “All You Can Eat “ Caribbean cruise package- instead ArcticTropic will point you towards Antarctic expeditions the far flung South Atlantic. On land and at sea - many of the locations offer comfortable accommodations and excellent, exotic dining.ArcticTropic links to over 700 destinations and guides in 117 countries. The number increases daily.ArcticTropic links directly to the websites that offer adventure activities, or are nearby to adventure activities.Destination websites appear in a separate window - without leaving This allows you to explore - then return to ArcticTropic to search further. A Google Earth Icon is shown with every listing in order to determine the exact location. Click here for more

About Adventure Engine:
Adventure Engine is an award winning international travel technology company specializing in Adventure and Experiential travel. Adventure Engine knows adventure travel and our consultants will work with each company to plan upgrades based on their unique business model, client and product type. Adventure Engine guarantees profits from online sales and an improved reservation system. They work with tour companies that have simple or extremely complex tours. Adventure Engine services include ongoing consultation, trip loading, unlimited training & support. Visit the site to find out about the features and services offered at

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