Thursday, June 05, 2008

New web based reservation system release changes the world of Adventure and Experiential Travel.

Adventure Engine announces the first web based reservation and distribution system for tourism operators that provides not only for basic reservations but also has the capacity for managing return trips, multi day packages and real time inventory booking.
The system auto updates after every sale saving tour company owners from many adventure based headaches. The program ensures multiple office staff, agents and the company website are up to date on each trip by the second. No more worries of double booking or time consuming calls and emails to staff to relay trip or inventory availability or guest information updates.

For many adventure tour companies the complexity of their tours has kept them from enjoying the administrative savings and improved customer service of real time trip management. Airlines, hotels and cruise lines save huge overheads by allowing staff, agents and in many cases guests to review and/or book their products online in real time.
Until today two main things kept complex adventure tour operators from adopting real time reservation systems and online sales.
1) No reservation system provided for the high range of variables making up each tour.
2) High levels of customer contact required and the need to talk to guests during the sale.

Adventure Engine has solutions for both If you don’t know tourism like Adventure Engine you may ask what’s the big deal?
Well some tourism companies have trips that share pieces of inventory like accommodations or vehicles (helicopters, cruise ships etc) that limit trip availability.This means often they have trips that need to change availability if a shared piece of inventory like a lodge room, is full. Many organizations also offer multiple options for return trips, multi day bookings, adding rentals or program options. In addition; they often also need to manage of all of this as trips are being sold by staff in different offices, by agents and on their website simultaneously. Adventure Engine can automate the administration of all of this.

Still don’t think it can be complicated to run a tour?
Well here is an example:
You need to manage a lodge for 20 plus 3 vehicles for transporting guests, 25 items of rental gear (each with their own subset of descriptions such as sizes, cost, type and quantity). The company sells 3,5,7 day tours all using the all this same inventory. The Adventure Engine system can handle it. If a group booking sells out Dec 25-28th with a 3 day booking the 5 and 7 day overlapping these dates will no longer be available for sale by other office staff, agents or on the website. (unless a manager overrides)

Adventure Engine can also offer ability to program an “origin trip” and options for “return trips” all dynamically in different currencies. So if you thought running a tourism company was simple – it isn’t. But new technology can make it a whole lot easier by removing all the manual work to keep up on who’s sold what, updating availability for all staff and the website after each sale. Not to mention gathering all the client information during registration, bank payments, sending auto receipts/ balance owing reminders, providing reporting and other functions.

The system allows operators complete control over their trips with features like pricing over different dates, at a glance availability calendars for staff and assigning inventory to just certain days of a trip. There are just too many features to list but visiting the Adventure Engine website will give a good overview of just how new technology can help out with many office functions.

So for those tour operators who are not sure if the technology is ready for them yet - Adventure Engine challenges them to a demo. Intrigued ? Meet with an Adventure Engine sales representative for a private online demo and judge how the system can be catered to any business model. Adventure Engine knows there are about as many business models as there are tourism operators – and specializes in making the transition to new technology easy.

To benefit from savings of up to 60% in administrative time, it’s a good time to check out whether technology is up to your Adventure!
Visit Adventure Engine and find out.
Call 1 800 993 6648 or email
To see features of Adventure Engine
To see a video of new multi day and return trip options work visit

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