Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Adventure Engine Pricing Change

Why are prices changing ? Because we can offer you more than ever before..

Why are we changing fees July 1st? Our top 4 reasons.

1.So we can guarantee companies will recognize a return on investment within the first months of using Adventure Engine.
2.To ensure that the transition to Adventure Engine will continue to be painless with our unlimited customer and technical support.
3.Clients have told us they want a pricing structure that allows them to budget for their office system and distribution monthly.
4. We can continue to maintain a cutting edge system, transfer funds automatically, absorb credit card fee changes for our subscribers, continue to provide free monthly upgrades to our subscribers at no additional costs.
And so you can keep saving more and more with Adventure Engine...and Adventure Engine can guarantee we will keep adding to your benefits every month.

What's changing?
Our base fee will be increasing.
A quarterly fee will be negotiated by company based on your current volumes and paid automatically to Adventure Engine.
So Yes - You will save money by initiating discussion in June about using Adventure Engine.
In fact up to $1500 if you need the agent and inventory package.
So contact us now if you are ready to get started or want to plan for your ideal implementation season. ** prices are customized by operation volumes and requirements.

Who will be effected?
If you are already actively using Adventure Engine or in talks to subscribe your prices won't change. If you are not currently in discussions with AE staff - you MUST have active trips loaded and be using Adventure Engine to be considered for a price freeze. Not sure - call us now.
(Hint: if you haven't logged into Adventureengine in the last month you should call !)

What should you do?
Ensure you take advantage of the best Adventure and Experiential tourism technology catered to your company.
We can work with any size and type of company that has decided they want to grow, improve their administrative process and re invest their saved time and money into their company and/or profits!

Call us for a free consultation and demo based on your business model.

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