Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tourism operators to start fresh season saving 60% of their admin time announces Adventureengine.

The rapid approach of spring generally creates a number of feelings for tourism operators: anticipation of a new season and dread about managing bookings, filling seats to capacity and the 28 hours a day sometimes required to manage a growing tourism business. There is a solution.

Adventure Engine has launched its newest inventory management and reservation suite that automates tracking of gear to clients, handles online reservations, deposits, balance due reminders, reporting and more. By automating the processes that do not require direct customer contact (like availability queries and balance owing payments) Adventure Engine allows tour operators to spend more time closing sales with clients and building their trips.

“Tourism operators are often wary of online reservation systems as they fear they will not have the personal touch they need with their clients. “ commented Amber Hayes of Adventure Engine. “The fact is there is dialogue that will always take place regarding pertinent trip information. It’s the calls for trip availability, data entry tasks such as credit card numbers and client contact information , manually pulling reports, sending follow up documents and balance due reminders – that’s all something that can and should be automated. Tourism operators tend to be short on time. This is one way to get some of that time back. “

Adventureengine will be hosting a free online session to explore the way technology can be used differently by different operations to maximize time savings and increase sales potential. Perfect for companies heading in to their busy season or those who are winding down from winter and looking for new opportunities during their shoulder season.

Sign up for the Intro to Adventureengine webinar to find out more about the benefits of new technology at www.adventureengine.com/webinar.php or call 1 800 993 6648 info@adventureengine.com

Adventure Engine is an industry leader in providing reservation systems, online booking technology, Powering the commerce of Adventure Travel : aggregation and distributionOver 1000 trips in the databaseFinalist E Connect CTC Award 2007Finalist for TIAC National Tourism Excellence Award 2007

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