Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tourism Operators join free online sessions on new trends for 2008 .

Critical information for increasing sales, online technology, marketing opportunities, travel agents and more….

Adventure Engine is a cutting edge travel technology company hosting over 20 free information sessions online in the coming months. These “webinars” will share the latest in trends for travel, buying behavior, online sales, internet phone systems, website optimization, working with agents, community programs and more.
Adventure Engine invites all tour operators, regional tourism organizations and agents to join sessions to find out how they can better market/sell their products and optimize operations.

“ This session gave me insight into how to save days of work while better marketing and selling my product online. “
Harry Allard , Rossland Mountain Adventures.

Adventure Engine is sharing the same information the offer speaking and collaborating at travel conferences directly to tourism operators in their offices.
Adventure Engine wants to ensure that tourism operators can access this information easily, free of charge and without the travel.

“ We understand that most tour operators and tourism destination marketing organizations do not always have the means or the time given their busy schedules to attend the many conferences we speak at. The information we are privy to is critical for tour operators to know about. So we have created a series of online sessions that operators can log in to from their own offices and interact with during the internet presentation and live phone discussions. “said Amber Hayes, CEO Adventure Engine
“ For our industry to grow, tourism organizations need the opportunity to learn about global trends and how they can easily be incorporated into their business plans and operations. That’s why we are doing these sessions free of charge – to improve the opportunities for operators of all sizes and the organizations that support them.

To take part in these sessions all operators need is a computer with internet access and a phone. They can interact with the presenter and other attendees.
Operators can register for these sessions at

Topics include: global trends in travel, online sales, critical website tools, reservations systems, multi currency sales agent relations, internet phone systems and more.
The sessions are designed to provide statistics and easy solutions to critical changes in the market.

The first session starts January 7th.

Adventure Engine
1800 993 6648

About Adventure Engine
Adventure Engine is a web based reservation & distribution system

for tourism operators worldwide. They work with 100’s of world class operators, over 1000 international commissioned trips ready for agents. Adventure Engine offers services to tourism operators like ability to upgrade their website in a day to sell trips online, unlimited sales portals for partner sites, inventory management, reporting, commission setting, statements, free unlimited training and support, agent login & distribution to thousands of agents, multi currency solutions, includes online merchant account (or use your own)
And Hundreds of other features…………..

Adventure Engine is a proud partner of: Adventures in Travel Expo, Sustainable Tourism International, International Ecotourism Society and more..

Member of: Adventure Travel Trade Association, OTA, IATA, BCPCPA
Est. 2004


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ae said...

Thanks for feedback - we could put adventure trips via XML feed into your system for distribution onto mobiles?