Monday, January 28, 2008

Reference Material for Adventure Engine Webinar – Critical Components for website sales

Did you miss our webinar??
Here's a quick summary and a few reference links for you.
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SUMMARY Make your website an effective tool with rich content like photos, slide shows to allow clients to visualize themselves on your tour. Add confidence with testimonials, awards, PR and speaking engagements. Include incentive offers they can share with friends. Include descriptives of prerequisites if you have them as well as daily itineraries so clients know what to expect. Make sure you provide dates AND availability online!
This is critical – for the end consumer shopping after hours the prospect of having to call a bunch of operators to find out if they have trips available when they want to go is a daunting and frustrating task.
Statistically shoppers will shortlist calls to operators they have already done diligence on with knowledge the operator has trips available when they want to go vs. “wasting a call” to find out about dates. They want to make calls to finalize whether they want to use the operator – not to find out dates. Respect the shopper and convert them to a buyer. Plus make sure you have the ability to put your trips on partner sites too! (hotels, transportation companies etc )

These are key part of sales using your website as a sales tool!
Engage, inform and convert.
Even if you have complex trips that will not sell without a call to your office - the components are the same! Ensure the client has all the info they need to make sure they call you (then when you have closed the sale they can always come back to your site to register, fill out all their info and pay ~ saving you a ton of time!)

Note this is 24 mgs and may take up to one minute to load. Presentation recording include visuals as well as presenter audio. ** Note : there may be brief sections in which the attendees of the webinar are speaking which may be “silent” ~the host of the webinar will repeat the question so you can hear it and then proceed with answers.
try the short 6 minute version of Sacred Rides Mountain Holidays example - great site, pertinent info, Adventure Engine real time availability calendar and shopping cart. Click here to view video

RESERVATION SYSTEM INFORMATION PAGES: As noted in the webinar having an online reservation system creates efficiency for staff, website maintenance and sales. Check time savings here For a general review of the Adventure Engine system visit

We also discussed a few 3rd party tools:
Online resources
To make a audio testimonial their free trial to upload your testimonials then use your Windows Media Encoder to capture this feature and make it permanent.
Online Movies :
Surveys to catch shopper information: (use in conjunction with a discount or free trip content offer on your website)

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and for some great short movie clips of industry tools and AE functionality.

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