Monday, January 07, 2008

Adventureengine announces launch of multi currency reservation system.

Tourism operators selling internationally now have a new tool to boost sales, marketing and website content for shoppers. The Adventureengines award winning reservation & distribution system now provides automated currency exchange for shoppers in Canadian, US, Australian, Euro and GBP.
“Travel is inherently an international trade “states CEO Amber Hayes “Customers like to be able to easily see how much the trip is in their own currency. Yet for tour operators selling to international markets keeping up with website pricing updates due to fluctuating currency rates can be overwhelming.That’s where Adventureengine shopping carts which integrate smoothly to the operators own website and offer conversions automatically based on the customers preference can be such a relief.”

Tour operators can set up there trips using the standard Adventure Engine reservation system and begin completing online sales with multi currency right away. (and for no additional cost)
Plus Adventureengine also allows operators a way to update trips on their website without a webmaster and a fully automated inventory adjustment for every sale made. It save hours of work and all of the auto receipts and reporting are also done in the currency of the user!Adventure Engine invites interested organizations to view a short 3 minute video on this latest free upgrade to the Adventure Engine system at

About Adventure EngineAdventure Engine is a web based reservation & distribution system
for tourism operators worldwide. They work with 100’s of world class operators, over 1000 international commissioned trips ready for agents. Adventure Engine offers services to tourism operators like ability to upgrade their website in a day to sell trips online, unlimited sales portals for partner sites, inventory management, reporting, commission setting, statements, free unlimited training and support, agent login & distribution to thousands of agents, multi currency solutions, includes online merchant account (or use your own) And Hundreds of other features………….. Adventure Engine www.adventureengine.com1 877 550 6677

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