Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New PhoCusWright study shows online buying increase on supplier sites

A December 2008 study by PhocusWright shows that online buyers in the leisure market continue to prefer buying direct online through the supplier website.

Previous studies showed over 90% of travelers research online and now over 60% book online. Make sure your website is ready to avoid losing sales with real time availability calendars and trip shopping carts (Not sure? Adventure Engine can show you how to add these easily)

Click here to view the article:
Booking methods depend on travelers' needs
Suppliers seem to have won the battle for online leisure and unmanaged business travel market share in the US, according to December 2008 PhoCusWright data....

Monday, December 29, 2008

Every company type can use Adventureengine

We are often asked what kinds of adventure tour companies and what activities can use Adventureengine.
Our answer is simple – all of them.
Everything from hourly, daily, multi-day trips.
Accommodation based, inventory heavy, different prices different days/weeks no problem.
Or you just have simple trips? Basic price and add on options – even easier.
Some of our companies use adventure engine as a way to track inventory, allow travel agents access/booking ability, as a cash register/ merchant account provider, online reservation system and more.

We work host over 50 activity types using the system and more each day. Activities like hiking, paragliding, biking, rafting, kite surfing, skiing, safaris, small cruise and more

So to bring in the New Year – save yourself money, time and bring your product online in 2009. We will help you bring your company up to speed no matter what kind of company you have!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New Report Options with Adventureengine

Now reporting is easier than ever with Adventure Engine.
As always when a sale is made either in your office or online all the sale data is immediately available for reporting. This can save your staff a ton of time, remove human error caused by cutting and pasting from email forms and save money!
Now new templates make it easier than ever to save your report preferences, just save your report setting and with once click create reports.
Reporting covers everything from accounting to full trip summaries. Guest reports for each departure can include all contact information, answers to guest questions, gear ordered,inventory, special notes - everything your trip leader needs at a glance!
Call or email us for a demo today

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Have complicated trips and inventory? No problem!

Adventure Engines newest release includes an industry leading inventory module.
Tour companies with complicated inventory requirements have been kept off the real time online sales playing field and missing out on thousands in savings - but no more!
Companies manually tracking inventory often scramble to update assignments and with multiple staff can easily double book.

Now companies that use shared inventory to run their trips and tours can manage availability using Adventure Engine and never worry again.

If your operation has complicated rules to set availability by for example:
You have a lodge for 20 plus 3 vehicles for transporting clients, 20 pieces of rental gear and advertise a 3,5,7 day tour all using the same inventory the Adventure Engine system can handle it.
If a group books out Dec 25-28th with a 3 day booking the 5 and 7 day will no longer be available.(unless the system manager overrides)

It is perfect for lodges, rafting companies, cruise, tours using multi inventory shared across trips that affect availability.

In our experience most tourism operators can mange with the base module and "extras functionality" to manage their inventory and rentals but if you have a complex scenario like the one above - we can handle it. And our staff set it up for you!

rule setting: inventory is assigned rules like:
- is it included or an additional cost
- is it mandatory or optional
- is this item viewable by the client during booking or just for management
- does this item affect availability or not
- black out dates
- transfer clients from one inventory item to another
- base reporting ( customized reporting can be provided)
- prices of inventory (room or transport vehicle etc) pricing can alter based on trip or date
- program a piece of inventory to be used only certain days of trips
- inventory build - a "parent" can be set like Lodge A then "children" added like all the rooms and their individual capacity create availability for the parent lodge
- availability calendar of all items per trip or date range at a glance

inventory is created based on your organizations needs and assigned to trips, one change to inventory automatically updates all trips that use it.
Never worry about double booking again?

View a short video demo here

Call us or email for a demo at

Monday, November 10, 2008

Social Media Marketing Webinar - direct from a sucessful operator!

Last Year, Sacred Rides cut their marketing budget by half, fired their publicist and DOUBLED their revenues all in one year!


November 18 1:00 - 2:30 pm & November 20 1:00 - 2:30 pm EST (GMT -5)

"Do you Digg your customers? Do you Twitter the day away? Are you a Flickr fanatic?

If none of this makes any sense to you, then you are missing out on a whole new way of reaching your customers and engaging them in a longterm conversation about your brand and your business. Social media marketing is changing the way companies engage their clients, and getting involved in the conversation can bring your business massive benefits. Stay behind the curve and you might end up your competitors' dust.

As the global economic crisis deepens day by day, there's no time like the present to learn valuable tools that will save you money and generate new revenue. Eliminate ineffective marketing techniques and learn how to tap into the world wide web. It may be crucial for survival during these tough economic times. Social Media Marketing often does not cost anything.

Come prepared to have your eyes opened to a whole new way of talking to your customers!"

WEBINAR - Social Media Marketing for Adventure Operators
Don't miss this 3 hour online workshop split over a 2 day period

November 18 1:00pm - 2:30pm November 20 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Cost $120

Click here to register now!

The workshop IS a single 3 hour workshop over a two day period, but if you can't make both parts, you can register for one for $75

In this informative and entertaining webinar, Mike Brcic, president/owner of Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Holidays - one of Canada's most successful adventure tour operators - shares the secrets of social media marketing that allowed him to fire his publicist, halve his marketing budget, and double his revenue in the span of just one year.

Learn incredible, low-cost and effective techniques for building awareness about your brand and increasing revenue while slashing your marketing budget. Mike will take you through the various tools available, show you specific examples of how he used them, and explain how you can use them to come up with a customized solution for your own business. You'll also receive a digital handbook to help you step by step to launch your own social media marketing campaign.

Check out

Seminar 1

-The basics of social media marketing
-The Jerry Falwell Technique: turning your customers into evangelists
-A 2-way Street: Engaging your customers in a conversation
-The Mall: Finding your customers' online hangouts
-Clean Up Your Room: Maintaining an effective customer database
-The Blog Heard Round the World: How to set up a blog and promote it effectively
-Internet Cocaine: Using Facebook to promote your business
-Internet Shakespeare: Writing an effective newsletter

Seminar 2

-Advanced social media marketing techniques
-Facebook 2.0: advanced techniques for using Facebook to reach your clients
-A Picture is Worth 1,000 words, A Video is Worth 1,000 Pictures: using multimedia to engage your clients: Flickr, YouTube, GoogleVideo, etc...
-LinkedIn: the Facebook for professionals
-Blogging 2.0: how to get more people reading your blog, how to get subscribers, guest blogging, etc...
-Sharing: using sites like StumpleUpon, Reddit, and other bookmarking/sharing sites to allow your customers to easily share your site with others
-I'm the Expert: setting up a HubPage
-Bringing it all Together: integrating your social media platform into one seamless whole

Included is a digital handbook that will help you STEP by STEP design and development your own marketing campaign

Click here to register now!

Find Adventures on will be showing Adventure Engine trips on their new consumer website.
This is a great opportunity for Adventure Engine tour operators to sell their programs through this very popular travel site!

Check their website out here:

Family Vacations and Activities

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How busy tour companies can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars

How busy tour companies can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.Companies that run tours and activities can save hundreds of hours every year by automating simple processes in their operation.A few examples for a company running 1000 seats a year automating the following processes:

· Answering calls for availability = save 175 hours
· Having to manually enter client information = 125 hours
· Sending balance owing reminders = 50 hours
· Adding to orders manually = 125 hours
· Sending post sale information manually = 50 hours

Just these few small tasks (10-15 minutes each) can add up to over 500 hours a year.
At $12 an hour that’s $6000!

How do you save this time?

Upgrade your reservation system and connect it to a booking engine with an availability calendar on your website.
Whether you run simple or complex trips Adventure Engine can set up the perfect system for your company.
Get a full reservation and online sales system for as little as $299 set up and $99/month. This even includes an online Visa/MC merchant account if you need one.

A free consultation is provided to overview how your company sells trips and how you can benefit from an online reservation system. The staff at Adventure Engine can set up the entire system for you and get you selling on line and saving time quickly and easily.

View features at

Call Adventure Engine at 1 800 993 6648 or visit the site at to set up your free consultation and get started now.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

NEXTgen traveler online behavior

NEXTgen travelers are most influenced by the ability to check lowest fares, photos of hotel/resort and lowest price guarantee
Technology is a lifestyle for the next generation of travelers, a group defined by their attitudes and comfort with and interest in technology, rather than their age, gender, income or status in life.
PhoCusWright and Ypartnership’s The NEXTgen Traveler™ reveals that emerging technology has not only affected the manner in which travel service suppliers bring their products and services to the marketplace, it has also had an equally profound effect on those who use it.
More than seven in ten NEXTgen travelers consider the ability to check the lowest available fares or rates (77%), photos of the hotel/resort (73%) and guarantees of the lowest available fares or rates (72%) influential Web site features when making decisions about travel destination or services.
At least one-half of this group of travelers also finds the following influential:
Easy-to-use booking feature (69%)
Virtual video tours of hotel/resort facilities, rooms, etc. (60%)
Area maps (59%)
Area photos (58%)
What’s more, the majority of NEXTgen travelers check last minute air, hotel and car rental availability (55%), and schedule and confirm vacation activities in advance of arrival (54%).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

6 Online Travel Myths Unmasked at PhoCusWright Analyst Forum

Myth #1: The number of online travel buyers in the U.S. is declining. In fact, that number is on the rise, as documented in The Consumer Travel Trends Tenth Edition recently published by PhoCusWright Inc. In 2007, approximately 70% of online travelers (that is, adults who have taken a commercial air trip and stayed at a hotel for leisure in the past year, and used the Internet in the past 30 days) bought travel online, compared to 63% in 2006.
PhoCusWright dispelled this piece of misinformation-and debunked five additional online travel myths-at its first-ever Analyst Forum, held September 10 in New York City.
In addition to the misconception that online travel buyers are declining, The PhoCusWright Analyst Forum corrected these five other online travel myths:

Myth 1. The number of online travel buyers in the U.S. is declining. In fact, that number is on the rise, as documented in The Consumer Travel Trends Tenth Edition recently published by PhoCusWright Inc. In 2007, approximately 70% of online travelers (that is, adults who have taken a commercial air trip and stayed at a hotel for leisure in the past year, and used the Internet in the past 30 days) bought travel online, compared to 63% in 2006.

Myth 2. More and more online travel shoppers use supplier sites than online travel agencies. While this belief is widespread in the travel industry, it is simply untrue, according to PhoCusWright, the travel industry research firm. In terms of popularity, online travel agencies are making a comeback (source: The PhoCusWright Consumer Travel Trends Survey Tenth Edition or "CTTS10").

Myth 3. Travel agencies are experiencing a resurgence as travelers return to traditional purchasing channels. Not so. In reality, even many formerly exclusive offline buyers are migrating online for travel shopping and buying, according to CTTS10.

Myth 4. The next generation of travelers prefers to do everything online. The truth is, less than half of what 18-28 year olds spend on travel is spent online, according to The NEXTgen Traveler(TM) report, jointly published by PhoCusWright and Ypartnership.

Myth 5. Social networks and travel reviews have the greatest influence on travel decision-making. The NEXTgen Traveler(TM) report reveals that while social media is widespread, destination Web sites and online travel agencies are favored by nearly half of next generation travelers during the travel shopping process.

Myth 6. Online travel markets need high credit card and Internet penetration to succeed. The structure and ambitions of the travel marketplace are even more important drivers than infrastructure. Case in point is India, one of the most dynamic online travel marketplaces today, where roughly 98% of the population does not use credit cards or have access to the Internet.
The sold-out Analyst Forum provided attendees with a clearer understanding of the realities of the online travel marketplace, offering facts, figures and insights for strategic planning and decision-making, especially as attendees find themselves engaged in 2009 budget planning.
"Nobody wants to make strategic errors based on bad information," said Lorraine Sileo, vice president, research for PhoCusWright. "Through this Analyst Forum, we were able to educate attendees about online travel myths and the realities in consumer behavior and to paint a picture of the new distribution landscape so that they can better assess their channel partners, such as travel agencies."
PhoCusWright's Analyst Forum will continue to take place on a quarterly basis in New York City featuring research and analysis on a variety of travel, tourism and hospitality topics.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Adventure Travel Trade Association World Summit Brazil

The ATTA world Summit took place Sept 3-7 in Sao Paulo Brazil.
Adventure Engine CEO presented as an industry expert on the topic of Online sales and Distribution for Adventure Travel.

The first of two 2008 Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) events organized by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) set event attendance records with more than 700 representatives from 33 countries participating in the sold-out, September 3-7 event in São Paulo, Brazil. The Summit was its first ever outside of North America.

We will be passing on some of the great tips and stats picked up at the summit to our Blog subscribers in the coming weeks.

For those readers who want to attend the session What is Online distribution ? Benefits for Tour Operators we will be holding an live online session Sept 29 1 pm PDT click here to register free of charge ( and no need to even leave the office)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Arctic Tropic adds online sales to their website with Adventure Engine partnership.

Capitalizing on the trend of over 90% of travelers researching and over 55% buying their leisure travel online, Arctic Tropic is adding a “Buy Online” option to their consumer site as a value add for their subscribers. This feature will allow shoppers to view trip availability and make a purchase directly from the Arctic Tropic website.
Adventure Engine is supporting this functionality with its trip distribution system and by offering their platform to Arctic Tropic subscribers.

“We are very excited about the opportunity for Arctic Tropic subscribers to begin actively selling from the website.” commented Amber Hayes CEO of Adventure Engine.
“Adventure Engine allows any type of tour operator to load their trips to the Adventure Engine system and begin selling direct from their own website and the Arctic Tropic site. This is a great opportunity to start converting the shoppers on Arctic Tropic to buyers! We see our tour suppliers saving up to 60% per reservation by automating online reservations so this is a great upgrade for suppliers who currently don’t have this functionality.”

Tourism operators using Adventure Engine have also had their loaded to Arctic Tropic increasing their distribution scope.

To see an example of the Arctic Tropic online system in action with one of these suppliers click here
We hope that this opportunity for sales conversion is embraced by the current marketing program subscribers to Arctic Tropic.
To provide more informationAdventure Engine will be holding an online seminar to review the program open to all Arctic Tropic and Adventure Engine subscribers.
It will include program benefits, fees and requirements as well as live case studies. Industry tips like key trip description content to support online sales conversion will also be reviewed in the session.

To join the online session August 7th, 1 pm PST click here private consultation contact Amber Hayes of Adventure Engine at or call 1 800 993 6648.

More About
__________________________________________________________________________________________________ About
Arctic Tropic:
ArcticTropic links to adventure travel destinations from Pole to Pole - From the Greenwich Meridian to the International Date Line.ArcticTropic is a site for serious adventure travelers - not the casual tourist.ArcticTropic is not the place to find an “All You Can Eat “ Caribbean cruise package- instead ArcticTropic will point you towards Antarctic expeditions the far flung South Atlantic. On land and at sea - many of the locations offer comfortable accommodations and excellent, exotic dining.ArcticTropic links to over 700 destinations and guides in 117 countries. The number increases daily.ArcticTropic links directly to the websites that offer adventure activities, or are nearby to adventure activities.Destination websites appear in a separate window - without leaving This allows you to explore - then return to ArcticTropic to search further. A Google Earth Icon is shown with every listing in order to determine the exact location. Click here for more

About Adventure Engine:
Adventure Engine is an award winning international travel technology company specializing in Adventure and Experiential travel. Adventure Engine knows adventure travel and our consultants will work with each company to plan upgrades based on their unique business model, client and product type. Adventure Engine guarantees profits from online sales and an improved reservation system. They work with tour companies that have simple or extremely complex tours. Adventure Engine services include ongoing consultation, trip loading, unlimited training & support. Visit the site to find out about the features and services offered at

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rossland's Adventure Engine works toward 3rd elimination round for the $100,000 New Ventures BC competition.

"We are extremely pleased that the New Ventures BC judges recognize the potential of Adventure Engine. The first exciting aspect of our booking management system model is our specialization in the rapidly growing niche of adventure and experiential travel. This is one of the fastest growing travel segments as travelers are increasingly demanding more unique "life experiences".
The travel suppliers using our reservation and online sales systems provide a wide variety of experiences from eco tours, educational and volunteer travel to cat skiing packages. As the travel demand grows, the suppliers of adventure travel are increasingly under pressure to provide online booking, distribution and streamlined operations in order to grow their business and meet that demand. Adventure Engine provides the solutions for Operators who have identified these challenges". comments Amber Hayes, CEO Adventure Engine.
"The second aspect of our model taps into the craze of internet use and online buying. Over 90% of consumers research online and over 55% of those are buying online. Adventure Engine is bringing that capacity to adventure Operators. People often don't understand the complexities tour suppliers have to manage their tours and the sheer size of this industry. That's really our specialty, helping Operators optimize booking of their complex trip offerings. We look forward to sharing this process and the great industry opportunities with the competition judges."

Adventure Engine has developed a reservation and online/agent sales system that allows Tourism Operators to save up to 70% per client registration. The Company recently launched their inventory platform that can manage very complex trips. Tour Companies can finally automate much of the booking processes while still allowing high levels of guest contact and quality client sales and service. Adventure Engine consultant works with each tour operator's unique model to increase efficiencies in their operation to ensure a great return on investment."

All of the staff at Adventure Engine are appreciative of the incredible opportunity provided by the New Ventures BC competition. It is a fabulous way to support innovative companies in BC, particularly a rural based company like ours. For an international company like ours to be operating out of, and employing individuals from a rural community like Rossland is a testament to the potential technology has to diversify the economics of small towns. We are so lucky to have access to programs like NVBC and locally the Kootenay Association of Science and Technology.
The access to mentors, business plan feedback and the chance to work with so many high level individuals is a prize in itself. Though being in the top three in September with a $100,000 prize would also be great fuel for our Adventure Engine." quipped Hayes.
More information on New Ventures BC www.newventuresbc.comAdventure Engine
Contact: Amber Hayes 1 800 993 6648

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Adventure Engine Pricing Change

Why are prices changing ? Because we can offer you more than ever before..

Why are we changing fees July 1st? Our top 4 reasons.

1.So we can guarantee companies will recognize a return on investment within the first months of using Adventure Engine.
2.To ensure that the transition to Adventure Engine will continue to be painless with our unlimited customer and technical support.
3.Clients have told us they want a pricing structure that allows them to budget for their office system and distribution monthly.
4. We can continue to maintain a cutting edge system, transfer funds automatically, absorb credit card fee changes for our subscribers, continue to provide free monthly upgrades to our subscribers at no additional costs.
And so you can keep saving more and more with Adventure Engine...and Adventure Engine can guarantee we will keep adding to your benefits every month.

What's changing?
Our base fee will be increasing.
A quarterly fee will be negotiated by company based on your current volumes and paid automatically to Adventure Engine.
So Yes - You will save money by initiating discussion in June about using Adventure Engine.
In fact up to $1500 if you need the agent and inventory package.
So contact us now if you are ready to get started or want to plan for your ideal implementation season. ** prices are customized by operation volumes and requirements.

Who will be effected?
If you are already actively using Adventure Engine or in talks to subscribe your prices won't change. If you are not currently in discussions with AE staff - you MUST have active trips loaded and be using Adventure Engine to be considered for a price freeze. Not sure - call us now.
(Hint: if you haven't logged into Adventureengine in the last month you should call !)

What should you do?
Ensure you take advantage of the best Adventure and Experiential tourism technology catered to your company.
We can work with any size and type of company that has decided they want to grow, improve their administrative process and re invest their saved time and money into their company and/or profits!

Call us for a free consultation and demo based on your business model.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Adventure on the Rise -

Google founder to become space tourist
Thursday, June 12 2008 @ 12:49 PM GMT Email Story Print Story
One of the cofounders of search engine Google, Sergey Brin, has booked a flight to space aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket for 2011.Virginia-based Space Adventures, which arranges space flights for ultrawealthy clients, plans to buy a private Soyuz flight in 2011, and 34-year-old Brin is a new investor in the company.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

New web based reservation system release changes the world of Adventure and Experiential Travel.

Adventure Engine announces the first web based reservation and distribution system for tourism operators that provides not only for basic reservations but also has the capacity for managing return trips, multi day packages and real time inventory booking.
The system auto updates after every sale saving tour company owners from many adventure based headaches. The program ensures multiple office staff, agents and the company website are up to date on each trip by the second. No more worries of double booking or time consuming calls and emails to staff to relay trip or inventory availability or guest information updates.

For many adventure tour companies the complexity of their tours has kept them from enjoying the administrative savings and improved customer service of real time trip management. Airlines, hotels and cruise lines save huge overheads by allowing staff, agents and in many cases guests to review and/or book their products online in real time.
Until today two main things kept complex adventure tour operators from adopting real time reservation systems and online sales.
1) No reservation system provided for the high range of variables making up each tour.
2) High levels of customer contact required and the need to talk to guests during the sale.

Adventure Engine has solutions for both If you don’t know tourism like Adventure Engine you may ask what’s the big deal?
Well some tourism companies have trips that share pieces of inventory like accommodations or vehicles (helicopters, cruise ships etc) that limit trip availability.This means often they have trips that need to change availability if a shared piece of inventory like a lodge room, is full. Many organizations also offer multiple options for return trips, multi day bookings, adding rentals or program options. In addition; they often also need to manage of all of this as trips are being sold by staff in different offices, by agents and on their website simultaneously. Adventure Engine can automate the administration of all of this.

Still don’t think it can be complicated to run a tour?
Well here is an example:
You need to manage a lodge for 20 plus 3 vehicles for transporting guests, 25 items of rental gear (each with their own subset of descriptions such as sizes, cost, type and quantity). The company sells 3,5,7 day tours all using the all this same inventory. The Adventure Engine system can handle it. If a group booking sells out Dec 25-28th with a 3 day booking the 5 and 7 day overlapping these dates will no longer be available for sale by other office staff, agents or on the website. (unless a manager overrides)

Adventure Engine can also offer ability to program an “origin trip” and options for “return trips” all dynamically in different currencies. So if you thought running a tourism company was simple – it isn’t. But new technology can make it a whole lot easier by removing all the manual work to keep up on who’s sold what, updating availability for all staff and the website after each sale. Not to mention gathering all the client information during registration, bank payments, sending auto receipts/ balance owing reminders, providing reporting and other functions.

The system allows operators complete control over their trips with features like pricing over different dates, at a glance availability calendars for staff and assigning inventory to just certain days of a trip. There are just too many features to list but visiting the Adventure Engine website will give a good overview of just how new technology can help out with many office functions.

So for those tour operators who are not sure if the technology is ready for them yet - Adventure Engine challenges them to a demo. Intrigued ? Meet with an Adventure Engine sales representative for a private online demo and judge how the system can be catered to any business model. Adventure Engine knows there are about as many business models as there are tourism operators – and specializes in making the transition to new technology easy.

To benefit from savings of up to 60% in administrative time, it’s a good time to check out whether technology is up to your Adventure!
Visit Adventure Engine and find out.
Call 1 800 993 6648 or email
To see features of Adventure Engine
To see a video of new multi day and return trip options work visit

Monday, May 26, 2008

Travel Agents to sell eco tours in Panama using the Adventure Engine platform – webinar May 28th

Travel Agents, are you looking for exciting quality eco adventures for your clients? Adventure Engine invites all travel agents interested in selling beautiful Panama with Adventuras Panama to join us in a free product knowledge webinar. Panama is quickly becoming a top summer vacations destination for adventure travel and Adventuras Panama can package this destination perfectly for your clients.
Aventuras Panama pioneered adventure travel in Panama in 1994. It offers whitewater rafting vacations and kayaking on tropical rivers. Experience rainforest and animal habitat, indigenous tribes and more and make your vacation unforgettable. Aventuras Panama is also the founder of The Chagres Foundation which intends to preserve the Chagres River watershed, the main water source of the Panama Canal, by teaching local people alternative sources of income others than slash and burn and that will preserve the forest.
Join this webinar to learn more about this hot destination and the great adventures that Aventuras Panama has to offer. Review programs like all inclusive adventure packages, tutoring and guidance in adventure. See slide shows of activities such as rafting and kayaking and major destinations including Chagres National Park, Mamoni River, Chiriqui Rivers, Rio Grande River, Embera villages and Archipelago of San Blas.

Adventuras PanamaActivities:
Rafting, Kayaking, CulturalDemographics: Family, Coed, Groups
Commission: 10% (negotiable)

Join this webinarMay 28, 11am PST register at

About Adventure Engine:Adventure Engine provides travel agents access to 100's of suppliers and 1,000's of high quality adventure, experiential and specialty tourism trips worldwide. Free set up of a selling platform catered to your choice of trip, supplier and region.Adventure Engine can provide you with everything you need to know to start selling these authentic and unique experiences!\Check it out at

Monday, April 21, 2008

PhoCusWright Sees Travel Agent Sales Grow

A new study by PhoCusWright found that although online travel sales have soared, the travel agency distribution channel is still a big part of the industry and represents 41% of all travel booked in the U.S.Despite the meteoric rise of online travel sales, the travel agency distribution channel represents a large and dynamic opportunity accounting for nearly $110 billion in sales, or 41 percent of all travel booked in the United States, PhoCusWright research says in a new report. The study included interviews with 1,900 agents involved with ASTA, ARC and CLIA.
for full article click here

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Invitation to Travel Agents: online product knowledge seminar hosted by Adventureengine and Worldwide Ecolodges April 22nd

The first in a series of product knowledge seminars hosted online by Adventure Engine, this session will provide travel agents the opportunity to learn about selling exciting high end adventure and experiential travel product.

We are starting this month with Worldwide Ecolodges and interested agents can register free of charge to join the live online presentation by owner George Duffy. The session will cover activity options, demographics, slide shows along with a question and answer period about the product and selling it to clients.

A little about Worldwide Ecolodges: Worldwide Ecolodges pride themselves on providing eco-friendly, fun and exciting adventures worldwide.
As the first Canadian company to join the Rainforest Alliance Program promoting sustainable travel in the Americas, Worldwide Ecolodges knows exactly how to cater towards a variety of guests. Whether your client wants to meditate in nature, whitewater raft, view wildlife or take a canopy tour, these tours can be catered to meet their needs.

Activities: Ecolodge Tours WorldwideDemographics: Family, co-ed
Commission: 10% (negotiable)
Personalized Journeys for Individuals, Friends, Family, Couples, Women and Groups

The session is April 22nd, 1 p.m. PDT with registration at 800 993 6648 for any questions.
A travel technology company powering the distribution of adventure travel. With over 100 tourism suppliers worldwide using the Adventureengine system as a reservation and distribution system Adventureengine is able to provide travel agents free selling tools to access and book adventure travel for their clients. All trips are commission ready and comprise great life experiences for guests.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tourism operators to start fresh season saving 60% of their admin time announces Adventureengine.

The rapid approach of spring generally creates a number of feelings for tourism operators: anticipation of a new season and dread about managing bookings, filling seats to capacity and the 28 hours a day sometimes required to manage a growing tourism business. There is a solution.

Adventure Engine has launched its newest inventory management and reservation suite that automates tracking of gear to clients, handles online reservations, deposits, balance due reminders, reporting and more. By automating the processes that do not require direct customer contact (like availability queries and balance owing payments) Adventure Engine allows tour operators to spend more time closing sales with clients and building their trips.

“Tourism operators are often wary of online reservation systems as they fear they will not have the personal touch they need with their clients. “ commented Amber Hayes of Adventure Engine. “The fact is there is dialogue that will always take place regarding pertinent trip information. It’s the calls for trip availability, data entry tasks such as credit card numbers and client contact information , manually pulling reports, sending follow up documents and balance due reminders – that’s all something that can and should be automated. Tourism operators tend to be short on time. This is one way to get some of that time back. “

Adventureengine will be hosting a free online session to explore the way technology can be used differently by different operations to maximize time savings and increase sales potential. Perfect for companies heading in to their busy season or those who are winding down from winter and looking for new opportunities during their shoulder season.

Sign up for the Intro to Adventureengine webinar to find out more about the benefits of new technology at or call 1 800 993 6648

Adventure Engine is an industry leader in providing reservation systems, online booking technology, Powering the commerce of Adventure Travel : aggregation and distributionOver 1000 trips in the databaseFinalist E Connect CTC Award 2007Finalist for TIAC National Tourism Excellence Award 2007

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Social media, blogs and travel

Well you just can't go to a conference without hearing about it. I recently attended 2 great conferences Online Revealed and Convergence ( I spoke about online trends for adventure travel at Online Revealed)The discussion around social media in travel was everywhere and I brought home a few tips for you.If you are in the blog world - or want to be - check out T-list at This is a new consortia of travel bloggers and could be a great resource for those of you already blogging and looking for new resources as well as potential bloggers who could syndicate your material.Their latest post is on Wikipedia and Travel.After we go through all of our notes from the conferences we'll be sure to post more technical gems we have found out about (or new innovative ways of using them!)
We will have new webinars coming up as well at

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Adventure Engine Partners with Regional Tourism Organizations to Provide Online Networking and Marketing Solutions

Adventure Engine (AE) has partnered with both the Northwest Territories Tourism and the Adventure Tourism Association of Newfoundland and Labrador / Guide to Adventures to provide critical administrative marketing and distribution options to their members. The Adventure Engine system will allow tourism operators in the regions to upgrade their reservations systems and upload their trips to the Adventureengine platform and centralized database. Adventure Engine then powers a realtime online booking engine through the tour operators websites and the regional marketing websites.
Visitors to the regional marketing websites will be able to search compare and buy the member trips without having to leave the regional site. No more need to skip back and forth between sites. Regional Tourism sites can now value add to their service with the ability to package product for Hotels and Travel Agents enhancing the value of the region.
In an era when online shoppers expect easy fast access to information these functions can provide competitive advantage to ensure a region is chosen as a destination.Suppliers update their trip information with one login to Adventure and the trips will automatically be updated on their own websites and the regional marketing websites. Critical for smaller operators who may not have the time to update multiple sites and negating concern for regional websites that their hosted trip content is not up to date. The regions tourism members are also benefiting from access to cutting edge administrative technology that can save tourism operators up to 60% in time spent on each reservation.

Richard Zieba, Director Tourism and Parks Government of the Northwest Territories commented "Adventure Engine has provided our industry with the essential "missing link" in connecting our tourism products with the rapidly expanding visitor markets that are now making extensive use the Internet to make travel decisions and purchases. The system was designed with small to medium operators in mind, and provides almost an infinite range of flexibility in designing and managing trip inventories and itineraries for online sales. The range of services extends beyond technical assistance and includes real-time advice on best practices in terms of positioning product on the Internet, and on top of all this, the price is very reasonable. Adventure Engine has proven to be a valuable ally in our advance into Internet marketing."

Sue Rendell, Member of NBT & GTA Newfoundland & Labrador adds “As with many small outdoor adventure and nature based companies, our traditional ways of managing inventory and sales has been time consuming and labour intensive. With Adventure Engine, our inventory management and sales will be simplified, not to mention the increased distribution opportunities for our products and services and the ease with which travel trade will be able to sell us.
Both regions will be displaying the Adventure Engine integrations shortly so watch for future press releases.

Regions, communities or tourism operators interested in this program are invited to online information sessions about regional programs (click here to register) or call Adventureengine at 1 800 993 6648 or email

About: represents a marketing partnership of adventure tourism businesses based in Newfoundland and Labrador. All marketing partners are members of the Adventure Tourism Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (ATANL). ATANL is a tourism industry sector association under the umbrella of the provincial tourism association, Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador (HNL).

Explore Northwest Territories is the current website for tourism products in the territory. The organization will be launching a new website shortly!

Adventure Engine is a Canadian Travel Technology company providing solutions to tourism operators and their regional marketing organizations worldwide. They were top finalists for 3 national awards in 2007 like E Connect CTC Award 2007, TIAC National Tourism Excellence Award 2007.

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Markets for Game Hunting and Fishing?

wwAs the overall market of Outfitting has been experiencing a flatline (and in areas downturn) there are options.
customizing trips to convert to wildlife viewing to diversify your market to new activities.
Or focus on growth segments within the Outfitting demographic.

Example: Womens Programs
A few recent stats:

A recent study by the National Sporting Goods Association estimates more than 3 million women now hunt, accounting for about 16 percent of the nearly 21 million active hunters in the United States.
The study, which covered 2001 to 2005, found that 2.4 million women hunted with firearms in 2005, up 72 percent from 2001. Fifty percent more are target shooting, while the number of women bow-hunters has grown 176 percent to 786,000.
The fastest-growing age groups are women aged 18 to 24, followed by those aged 35 to 44.

44.4 million Americans fish, with 25% of men fishing and 8% of women fishing. More people fish in America than play golf and tennis combined. In 2001, the total economic output from freshwater fishing alone was $74 billion. If saltwater fishing is included, the total rises to $116 billion. Source: FLW Outdoors (

COLUMN: Outdoors
The sport of fishing is in - again. After declining in the early 2000s to the lowest total ever, the number of anglers all across the country increased by as much as six percent between 2004 and '05, according to recent studies. The really good news: Fishing and camping have become almost wildly popular with women.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Reference Material for Adventure Engine Webinar – Critical Components for website sales

Did you miss our webinar??
Here's a quick summary and a few reference links for you.
Be sure to check out over 20 upcoming free online information sessions at !

SUMMARY Make your website an effective tool with rich content like photos, slide shows to allow clients to visualize themselves on your tour. Add confidence with testimonials, awards, PR and speaking engagements. Include incentive offers they can share with friends. Include descriptives of prerequisites if you have them as well as daily itineraries so clients know what to expect. Make sure you provide dates AND availability online!
This is critical – for the end consumer shopping after hours the prospect of having to call a bunch of operators to find out if they have trips available when they want to go is a daunting and frustrating task.
Statistically shoppers will shortlist calls to operators they have already done diligence on with knowledge the operator has trips available when they want to go vs. “wasting a call” to find out about dates. They want to make calls to finalize whether they want to use the operator – not to find out dates. Respect the shopper and convert them to a buyer. Plus make sure you have the ability to put your trips on partner sites too! (hotels, transportation companies etc )

These are key part of sales using your website as a sales tool!
Engage, inform and convert.
Even if you have complex trips that will not sell without a call to your office - the components are the same! Ensure the client has all the info they need to make sure they call you (then when you have closed the sale they can always come back to your site to register, fill out all their info and pay ~ saving you a ton of time!)

Note this is 24 mgs and may take up to one minute to load. Presentation recording include visuals as well as presenter audio. ** Note : there may be brief sections in which the attendees of the webinar are speaking which may be “silent” ~the host of the webinar will repeat the question so you can hear it and then proceed with answers.
try the short 6 minute version of Sacred Rides Mountain Holidays example - great site, pertinent info, Adventure Engine real time availability calendar and shopping cart. Click here to view video

RESERVATION SYSTEM INFORMATION PAGES: As noted in the webinar having an online reservation system creates efficiency for staff, website maintenance and sales. Check time savings here For a general review of the Adventure Engine system visit

We also discussed a few 3rd party tools:
Online resources
To make a audio testimonial their free trial to upload your testimonials then use your Windows Media Encoder to capture this feature and make it permanent.
Online Movies :
Surveys to catch shopper information: (use in conjunction with a discount or free trip content offer on your website)

Hope you find this handy and check out our upcoming webinars for more free industry info!
and for some great short movie clips of industry tools and AE functionality.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Adventure Engine Inc. partners with Unaira GmbH to distribute adventure and experiential tour products to 1000’s of travel agencies around the world.

Travel trends in recent years have shown a dramatic increase in travelers’ desires to experience more on their travels such as unique adventure, eco tourism, educational, humanitarian, culinary, cultural and other experiences.
The challenge to date for agents wanting to offer these diverse travel products to their customers has been finding preferred adventure suppliers, accessing pertinent trip information and seat availability and booking in one step. The partnership between Unaira GmbH (Unaira) and Adventure Engine Inc (AEI) will provide a powerful and lucrative solution to both the tour suppliers and agents. Adventure tourism suppliers can load their complex trip product onto the AEI system including full itineraries, variable pricing, scheduled departures, seat availability, rich media such as photo galleries and video, commissions and more. AEI then feeds these trips to Unaira who will then provide them to agent applications including Amadeus, Europe’s leading global distributor of air, ground and accommodation product, and consumer sites putting this exciting and popular product in front of tens of thousands of travel agents and millions of website visitors.
The agents will be able to search for experiential tours from a variety of suppliers around the world bundling them dynamically with air and accommodation all from one application.
For tourism suppliers this is a precedent setting opportunity to have their trips distributed to such a large audience and to automate their relationships with agents in one step. Unlike directory or referral programs this system will allow for real time availability checking, client booking, data transfer, commission payment and other features to maximize client service.“We are very excited to be working with Unaira to give this great travel product type its place in the worldwide distribution market commented Adventure Engine CEO, Amber Hayes, the experiential tourism travel niche has been the last segment of travel to consolidate and distribute its products in real time online and reap the benefits seen by airlines, cruise and hotels who have already adopted this model. We will be the gateway to bring new tour suppliers to agents and their customers around the world every day and we continue to invite adventure tour operators globally to join the system and benefit from this ground breaking opportunity.“ The product launch is scheduled for spring of 2008 and weekly information sessions will be available online at About Adventure Engine Adventure Engine is a world leading travel technology company specializing in experiential travel. They provide services such as web based reservation systems, online booking solutions, merchant accounts, e commerce and distribution. Finalists for two national innovator of the year awards with the Tourism Industry Association of Canada in 2007, AEI currently hosts over 100 suppliers in their database and provides 1000’s of live book-able adventure trip departures.
About Unaira Unaira is a leading consolidator of destination services and technology provider to the travel and tourism industry. Unaira delivers various providers products through a broad reach of distribution channels. Unaira has developed a powerful destination services platform to aggregate leisure-related products into clear, wide-ranging categories such as event tickets, concert and theatre tickets, city tours, airport lounge passes, transfers and ground transportation and much more.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Adventureengine announces launch of multi currency reservation system.

Tourism operators selling internationally now have a new tool to boost sales, marketing and website content for shoppers. The Adventureengines award winning reservation & distribution system now provides automated currency exchange for shoppers in Canadian, US, Australian, Euro and GBP.
“Travel is inherently an international trade “states CEO Amber Hayes “Customers like to be able to easily see how much the trip is in their own currency. Yet for tour operators selling to international markets keeping up with website pricing updates due to fluctuating currency rates can be overwhelming.That’s where Adventureengine shopping carts which integrate smoothly to the operators own website and offer conversions automatically based on the customers preference can be such a relief.”

Tour operators can set up there trips using the standard Adventure Engine reservation system and begin completing online sales with multi currency right away. (and for no additional cost)
Plus Adventureengine also allows operators a way to update trips on their website without a webmaster and a fully automated inventory adjustment for every sale made. It save hours of work and all of the auto receipts and reporting are also done in the currency of the user!Adventure Engine invites interested organizations to view a short 3 minute video on this latest free upgrade to the Adventure Engine system at

About Adventure EngineAdventure Engine is a web based reservation & distribution system
for tourism operators worldwide. They work with 100’s of world class operators, over 1000 international commissioned trips ready for agents. Adventure Engine offers services to tourism operators like ability to upgrade their website in a day to sell trips online, unlimited sales portals for partner sites, inventory management, reporting, commission setting, statements, free unlimited training and support, agent login & distribution to thousands of agents, multi currency solutions, includes online merchant account (or use your own) And Hundreds of other features………….. Adventure Engine www.adventureengine.com1 877 550 6677

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tourism Operators join free online sessions on new trends for 2008 .

Critical information for increasing sales, online technology, marketing opportunities, travel agents and more….

Adventure Engine is a cutting edge travel technology company hosting over 20 free information sessions online in the coming months. These “webinars” will share the latest in trends for travel, buying behavior, online sales, internet phone systems, website optimization, working with agents, community programs and more.
Adventure Engine invites all tour operators, regional tourism organizations and agents to join sessions to find out how they can better market/sell their products and optimize operations.

“ This session gave me insight into how to save days of work while better marketing and selling my product online. “
Harry Allard , Rossland Mountain Adventures.

Adventure Engine is sharing the same information the offer speaking and collaborating at travel conferences directly to tourism operators in their offices.
Adventure Engine wants to ensure that tourism operators can access this information easily, free of charge and without the travel.

“ We understand that most tour operators and tourism destination marketing organizations do not always have the means or the time given their busy schedules to attend the many conferences we speak at. The information we are privy to is critical for tour operators to know about. So we have created a series of online sessions that operators can log in to from their own offices and interact with during the internet presentation and live phone discussions. “said Amber Hayes, CEO Adventure Engine
“ For our industry to grow, tourism organizations need the opportunity to learn about global trends and how they can easily be incorporated into their business plans and operations. That’s why we are doing these sessions free of charge – to improve the opportunities for operators of all sizes and the organizations that support them.

To take part in these sessions all operators need is a computer with internet access and a phone. They can interact with the presenter and other attendees.
Operators can register for these sessions at

Topics include: global trends in travel, online sales, critical website tools, reservations systems, multi currency sales agent relations, internet phone systems and more.
The sessions are designed to provide statistics and easy solutions to critical changes in the market.

The first session starts January 7th.

Adventure Engine
1800 993 6648

About Adventure Engine
Adventure Engine is a web based reservation & distribution system

for tourism operators worldwide. They work with 100’s of world class operators, over 1000 international commissioned trips ready for agents. Adventure Engine offers services to tourism operators like ability to upgrade their website in a day to sell trips online, unlimited sales portals for partner sites, inventory management, reporting, commission setting, statements, free unlimited training and support, agent login & distribution to thousands of agents, multi currency solutions, includes online merchant account (or use your own)
And Hundreds of other features…………..

Adventure Engine is a proud partner of: Adventures in Travel Expo, Sustainable Tourism International, International Ecotourism Society and more..

Member of: Adventure Travel Trade Association, OTA, IATA, BCPCPA
Est. 2004