Friday, August 10, 2007

Adventure Travel Trade Shows

Adventure Engine has been speaking at the Adventure Travel Trade Show now for 2 years and we have been quite impressed with this groups ability to create a consistant and sucessful venue for Adventure Tour Companies and DMOs to meet the public.
There new show dates are now online so as an FYI to operators out there here is some info for thier 2007/08 season.

Maximize the Power of Face-to-Face Marketing

Drives New Bookings and Fills Your Sales Pipeline

While print and television, are often the typical elements to a travel marketing campaign—they can come at a big cost, and there is no guarantee the people who are viewing the ads are “Ready to Purchase.” What's more – often the traveler just doesn't get all the information they need to make a decision.

But our travel shows CAN!

Through an extensive promotional campaign delivering over 1 Billion impressions, you will meet 65,000 uniquely qualified travelers who have paid admittance to “Find Their Next Vacation.” Our consumers and travel agents come to the show ready to purchase travel, compare destinations and tours, and speak to destination experts. FACT: 74% of ATE attendees Found Their Next Vacation at the Show! And, 60% Plan to Book within 6 Months

Adventure Engine Tour Operators Save 10%* off the Standard Booth Rate!
*Discounts do not apply to already contracted exhibitors in 2008 shows.


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