Thursday, July 26, 2007

Free online travel industry information sessions:
Adventureengine is at it again with new sessions based on your requests.

Join us for free information sessions covering topics like:use of computer “calling” to save money on international calls, how to add a video to your site using YouTube (and why it helps your Google ranking), reservation systems, XML and more.

We have also rescheduled the much anticipated Marketing to Boomers and Women session with industry expert Kathy Dragon.
Join travel industry expert Kathy Dragon and learn the do’s and don’t of marketing your trips and leisure products to this demographic.

You can't afford to miss this high energy presentation with critical information on speaking to and converting these high power niche markets.
Session includes:
1.What truly is this what market size?
2. How can I make my trips stand out for these guests.
3. How and where does this group shop for trips?
4. What kind of activities is this group into (it might surprise you!)
5. What is the buying power Hint: Billions and billions - and you can't afford to miss billions!

Date for the Boomer session is August 7th,
for more information on the other sessions which run throughout the summer and to register go to

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