Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Critical Online Travel Tools to convert Lookers to Bookers

Make your website an effective tool with rich content like photos, slide shows to allow clients to visualize themselves on your tour. Add confidence with testimonials, awards, PR and speaking engagements. Include incentive offers they can share with friends. Include descriptives of prerequisites if you have them as well as daily itineraries so clients know what to expect. Make sure you provide dates AND availability online! This is critical – for the end consumer shopping after hours the prospect of having to call a bunch of operators to find out if they have trips available when they want to go is a daunting and frustrating task. Statistically shoppers will shortlist calls to operators they have already done diligence on with knowledge the operator has trips available when they want to go vs. “wasting a call” to find out about dates. They want to make calls to finalize whether they want to use the operator – not to find out dates. Respect the shopper and convert them to a buyer. Plus make sure you have the ability to put your trips on partner sites too! (hotels, transportation companies etc )

Heres some online stats for you to add to your files to back up your online stradgey planning and promotion. ( Yes it is VERY important :)
Be sure to note the 55% are now BUYING online!!

Here's a nice 3 minute video sample of a small tour operator using these tools: Sacred Rides Mountain Holidays - great site, pertinent info, Adventure Engine real time availability calendar and shopping cart. Click here to view video

· 94 million Americans are online on any given day, and 63 percent use a search engine (Pew Internet and American Life Project)

· 79% of US travelers are now online (over 98 million)– six percentage points above US average

· More than half -- 55% -- of online leisure travelers book online (“Bookers”)

· US leisure Bookers will buy more than $74.4 billion of leisure travel online in 2006
· Online spending will exceed $129 billion by 2010(Source: Foresters , OTA)
http://tia.usdm.net/resources/MOF/2006_MOF.ppt#1445,44,Buying Travel Online Has Become Routine

· Travel is bay far the No. 1 activity among internet consumers. In some weeks, more travel is purchased online than every other category combined. http://www.travelmole.com/stories/1118460.php (may 22, 2007 TravelMole)

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

FREE ONLINE SEMINARS – Tourism, Tours and Technology Series

Due to popular demand Adventure Engine has created a series of Industry Technology seminars.
The seminars provide updates on new trends, tips to save time and money and getting the most value for your business through new technology.
Topics range from:-travel agent distribution
-website conversion tools
-Google Adword tutorials
-online reservation systems
-marketing to women and boomer clients
-DMO community programs
-adventure travel demographics and consumer behavior studies. Guest Presenters include several high profile industry specialists to bring you the latest resources.The seminars are free of charge requirements. Participation just requires a phone listen in and ask questions with and an internet connection / computer to watch the demo on.Seminars are designed for experiential tour operators, travel agents/distributors and community tourism organizations.Adventure Engine is a Travel Technology company providing everything from reservation programs, inventory management systems, merchant accounts, e commerce solutions, marketing and distribution programs to adventure tourism suppliers, operators, outfitters and travel agents.
The world of Tourism, Travel and Technology is changing quickly. Trust Adventure Engine to keep you up to speed. The first seminar is May 9th space is limited and early registration is recommended. www.adventureengine.com/webinar.phpCall 1 877 550 6677 with questions.

Adventure Engine Opens Lucrative Online Door

Introducing Travel Connect 2.0Tour operators of all sizes now have an easy, cost- effective way to offer and manage their adventure and experiential tour inventory on-line. Adventure Engine Inc.'s new TRAVEL CONNECT 2.0 uses a standard XML schema specifically for tour operators in the adventure industry.
"Adventure Engine's new technology makes the adventure travel market accessible to travel agents who could not previously access these popular tours, despite the growing demand for them," says CEO Amber Hayes. A majority of boomers consider themselves adventurous (55%) and nearly 8 in 10 boomers (77%) consider their own travel experiences more adventurous than those of their parents.* Many are looking to fulfill life-long dreams.
Adventure Engine helps operators and agents effectively meet that thirst for adventure and cultural, spiritual or educational experiences by managing all aspects of tour operators' agent interfaces, partners and distribution channels, including on-line sales. A single XML feed, managed by Adventure Engine, will dramatically improve operations and reduce costs for operators.
Adventure Engine has aggregated over 1500 adventure and experiential travel trips onto a centralized database (GDS - global distribution system). The firm can now take that content and negotiate API (Application Interfaces) and large distributor agreements, putting their client's trips in front of tens of thousands of travel agents. Real-time available seat inventory is loaded, making it easy for agents, resellers, distributors or partners to book trips. When a seat is booked, the inventory is updated automatically on both the Adventure Engine database and the supplier's own reservation system, using XML schema technology.
For more information on Adventure Engine's distribution solutions, content management, reservation systems and how to tap into their database of commissionable trips, check out their brand new web site at www.adventureengine.com.
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