Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Search Functionality

Based on feedback from our user and subscribers we have boosted the power of our search functionality again.
Using AJAX out team has created a "drill down " search. This means as you select a Region ( i.e. World location) the Activities reduce to show only activities in the regions you choose.
Conversely if you choose a certain Activity the regions refresh to offer only regions that offer that Activity.
This while help ensure all of our shoppers get the results they are looking for.
We have also boosted our keyword functionality at so by using the + sign you can limit results.
Now if you want to only see skiing in BC enter ski+ BC and you will see only relevant results that is skiing in BC .
Previously entering ski , BC would show you everything with ski or BC in it.
We hope you enjoy the upgrades and look forward to your feedback as always!

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