Thursday, May 04, 2006

Get your RSS on!

Ok as per the last post - don't be scared - it's easy peesy.

Download yourself an RSS reader and sign up for on of the Adventure Engine RSS feeds
(see post on What the heck is RSS for clarification)

For our suppliers there is a RSS feed for you to keep you up to date on new development and application upgrades at Adventure Engine.

For agents keep up to date on new trips at Adventure Engine.

For you consumers out there pick a feed that suites your interest and let the RSS do the work of checking for new trips, seat sales and more.

Give us feedback on other feeds you want developed!

New technology for the wild frontiers of Adventure Travel

The hot and wild frontiers of Adventure Travel meet with technology for the masses.
The Adventure Travel industry is hot with more and more travelers electing to add some spice to their getaways. Travelers these days are opting for more than just a flight and a beach stay. Instead they are adding from a range of adrenaline sports, cultural tours, spiritual or educational retreats.
Many high paced consumers of today are electing to shop at home, at night, or on the fly. Wireless researching and purchasing of adventure travel is finally getting up to speed.
For these travelers or adventure outfitters there is a new solution on the web horizon worthy of a look – Adventure Engine. This new company is designed to provide power to the industry. It consolidates adventure travel seats onto a centralized database so trips can be researched, bought and sold in real time with efficiency.
With buzz words like RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, blogs and real time booking on the rise, Adventure Engine is taking the challenge head on and bringing this desired technology to the masses.
For the adventurous soul, there is now a source of up-to-the-minute information.
“People already use RSS feeds to keep track of everything from stock prices, sport scores and news,” said Nick Howald, IT Manager with Adventure Engine. “Now they can add a stream of data to their computer or handheld that updates them on the latest trips and discounts in their favorite getaway activity.” This new way of doing business is ideal for people who want to be alerted to new trips or seat sales in everything from mountain bike trips to cat skiing.
Adventure Engine is also using this new technology to change the way adventure tour companies do business. Gone are the technically challenging days when creating an online sales area and distribution was expensive. With the advent of program sharing, Adventure Engine can empower any webmaster, agent, end user or tour operator to hook in with a click of the mouse.
”We just saw the growing trend of end consumers and agents needing up to the minute interfaces for buying these types of trips” said Amber Hayes CEO of Adventure Engine. “The obvious flipside is the industry providers requiring an easy to use affordable technology to meet that consumer demand. It’s the way of the future and we are seeing a wide variety of users joining the system.”
Shopping at you can find a multitude of fantastic trips like hiking in the Rockies, Nepal, and Africa. There are a multitude of other products such as mountain biking in B.C. for $199, rafting the Grand Canyon for $149, or a 14-day bird watching expedition in the jungles of Mexico for $1,299.
It is a big world out there. Technology has changed the face of travel sectors like flights, hotels and car rentals. So isn’t it time for a little adventure?
To experience a place where international adventure is available at the click of a mouse or an RSS push, visit the future; check out Adventure Engine.
For more information, go to the main site and review trips, discuss opportunities on forums and grab RSS feed options.-
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West Jet press releases

WestJet will be including Adventure Engine in its email magazine with a distribution of 400,000 May 4 and May 11th. We look forward to partnering with WestJet on our upcoming contest and as you know WestJet Airlines uses Adventure Engine to supply all of its Adventure Content on its main site. Visit choose Travel Offers and select Adventures to see our site in action.
For our suppliers as always shine up your trips and get ready for more great exposure and we look forward to adding more adventure to the WestJet guest list!

Check for more information on our contest and for those of you out there looking to sell trips on your site like WestJet join now for free and get a portal that you can sell adventure trips through on your site for a commission!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Search Functionality

Based on feedback from our user and subscribers we have boosted the power of our search functionality again.
Using AJAX out team has created a "drill down " search. This means as you select a Region ( i.e. World location) the Activities reduce to show only activities in the regions you choose.
Conversely if you choose a certain Activity the regions refresh to offer only regions that offer that Activity.
This while help ensure all of our shoppers get the results they are looking for.
We have also boosted our keyword functionality at so by using the + sign you can limit results.
Now if you want to only see skiing in BC enter ski+ BC and you will see only relevant results that is skiing in BC .
Previously entering ski , BC would show you everything with ski or BC in it.
We hope you enjoy the upgrades and look forward to your feedback as always!