Saturday, April 01, 2006

Website sales and tools

We have some great new options for using the Adventure engine technology to integrate into your website - our staff has voted Fernie Fat Tire as having the best site with AE integrations!
Be sure to check out their site at or review our new video demo area and see a presentation on how their site is using Adventure Engine.

Great technology to sell seats online by deposit or full payment - they are even using the coupon right on their main site to promote a new seasonal special.

What is Adventure Engine? Be sure to check our main site for more information

For Travellers:

Adventure Engine is a virtual global adventure travel marketplace where you can search, compare and buy your ultimate adventure vacation.

For Tour Operators, Guides, Outfitters and Suppliers of adventure travel:
Adventure Engine is a tour reservation software package and a distribution network that can increase your revenues and expose your adventures to the world.

For Distributors such as Travel Agents, Chambers of Commerce, Adventure Tourism and Recreation Associations, Accommodators, Airlines and adventure related websites:
Adventure Engine can create additional revenues for you and enable you to value add to your existing clients' and visitors' itineraries using our huge database of adventure travel product. This shared database of adventure travel product and our easy to use reservation and tour booking system enables you to better serve your members and your clients.

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