Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Adventure Engine announces new Facebook integration

Adventure Engine announces new Facebook integration.  Sell your trips on Facebook.  Add a “MY TOURS” or a “BOOK OUR TRIPS”  button on your Facebook page that leads to a list of your offered trips.

Enhance the list with photos, video, trip descriptions, base pricing and detailed itineraries similar info otherwise found on your website.  Now customers can click to view a list of your trips on Facebook and then check availability and even book right in your secure Adventure Engine shopping cart.  The same cart that is easily installed into your website.

"There are other companies that ‘sort of’ integrate trips into Facebook but as soon as visitors click for more info, they are redirected away from the Facebook website.  We keep the integration intact right through to booking" says company owner, Kelly Acheson.  "Its super easy to apply and we do all the work for you to ensure a quick launch".  Adventure Engine is happy to add yet another great feature to its reservation and booking management systems.

Customize and Automatically Send Important Trip Information to Your Customers

How many details do you need to take care of in order to prepare the perfect experience for your customers?  We know it can seem endless with not enough hours in the day.  The Adventure Engine system offers tools to automate tasks that normally take hours and hours.

Payment Receipt and Order Confirmation 
  • Send receipts automatically when payment is processed (from website or from the office)
  • Customize to include important trip information along with it such as gear lists, instruction, itinerary, directions and more     
 Balance Due Reminder
  • Send a friendly reminder when balances are due
  • Offer a link on your site where customers can go to pay balances on their own in a secure payment portal
Pre-Trip Emails
  • Schedule to send a "your trip is coming up" email automatically any number of days before trip date
  • Include last minute reminders about gear, preparation, directions, instructions and more 
  • Create vouchers / tickets for customers  for admission, access to 3rd party events
 Post Trip Request for Feedback
  • Automatically send an email a few days after tour requesting feedback 
  • Customize the time to send and the email copy for EACH trip/tour you run 
  • Include social media links

Need more? No problem.  Adventure Engine can custom build and schedule all your documents and communication requirements.  'Wow' your customers with professional and timely communication.  Increase customer service AND reduce your workload at the same time! 

Marketing and Advertising Online Using a Reservation System

Can a Reservation System help with Marketing and Advertising?  You bet!

  • Implement agent access and links so that an UNLIMITED number of partners, agents and resellers can check availability and book direct, eliminating the need to phone, fax, email.
  • Grow your network and increase online exposure exponentially with unlimited shopping carts.  Overbooking is not a worry because everything is tapping into the same availability from your central booking management system.
  • Gain confidence and respect by offering your customer a professional and modern shopping cart with ability to check real time availability and make secure payments online.  
  • Receive bookings in the off hours!  With live availability and online sales,  your customers can book whenever they want.  Otherwise, they'll just head over to the next website if you are not available when they call for info.
  • Get out and promote your operation with all the time saved by automating your system.  Eliminate ALL the time consuming tasks such as preparation of reports, invoices, statements, guest data entry, balance due reminders, payment processing, daily manifests, accounts receivables, agent activity....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Expand Your Agent & Distributor Network Now

Adventure Engine's new SUMMIT system offers more agent features than ever before, allowing you to expand your distribution network without the hassle of juggling seat availability.

Track-able Online Shopping Carts:
Create unlimited shopping carts for your agents / partners. They can book their customers into your trips by simply checking availability and processing the customer's credit card. System tracks the sale, creates activity reports and calculates commission owing. Even better, Agent can put the portal right on their website so customers can book direct. Commissions can be set by trip, by Agent.

Agent Login:
Allow multiple users (staff, agents, etc) to login directly to your back end res system and book at pre-programmed net rate prices. You set their login, security and privileges. Agent collects funds from customer, system tracks the wholesale price and you invoice Agent at month end.

Program similar access for staff, guides and drivers to log in and view trip schedules and guest lists.

Assigning Agents:

In house reservation staff can process sales and assign an Agent to the sale. System will automatically calculate commission owing based on what you programmed for the particular agent.

Click here for full industry newsletter

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Adventureengine Industry LinkedIn group 3000+ members

Join the group today to participate in conversations about new trips, industry news, agents seeking tours, tour operator seeking partners and much more!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adventure Engine is hiring - php developer

Position: Junior / Intermediate PHP Developer
Date Posted: Feb 16, 2007
City: Rossland BC

An exciting growth position with a start up company, this position is for a PHP Developer. The initial FT employment contract is for 4 months but opportunity for long term full time exists. Work effort will focus on and combination of 1) completion of a large development build and 2) IT client support cases

Job Description:
Finalize the system requirements specifications/deliverables document with builders
Input on system construction
Analyze and prioritize build, testing and de bugging.
Successful beta testing and re write.
Report to Project Manager

Skill Set:
LAMP – linux, apache, MySQL, PHP
XML, Web Services experience an asset
Languages including but not limited to PHP, ASP, Javascript, HTML, CSS
MySQL DB management and construction.
Web Design with focus on B2B Application Development specifically in secure eCommerce solutions
Skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.
Knowledge of project management principles, practices, techniques, and tools.
Self starter, able to work in a remote environment, team player

Contact by Email kelly at

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Demo the New Summit system - multi lingual, multi user deposit and payment options, complex inventory and more

If you have a tourism operation with complex needs we have the solution.
Contact us for a free demo and calculate your savings by switching to an online system today.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Visit Adventure Engine at the American Outdoors Assoc Conference Salt Lake Dec.7-9th

Adventure Engine will be showcasing the new summit system at the conference... come visit us.

Attend the Active Travel Industry's Best Marketing and Management Conference
Å Management Revolution
Dec. 7-9, 2010 - Salt Lake City, Utah

Growing Your Business in the New Economy!
Don't wait for the market to cycle back to your product!

* Learn new advertising and marketing strategies to make your trips appeal to new consumer values.
* See the latest results of market research. Which market segments offer the greatest potential?
* Get the latest social media and mobile strategies to keep your company in the loop and up-to-date.
* Health care reform affects everyone; learn what it means to you and your company.
* Learn to implement staff level risk management strategies to deal with an aging market and the primary causes of claims against active and adventure travel companies.
* Learn how to hire and recruit productive employees to build a high performance culture.

Agents looking for tour operators

Now over 1600 adventure tourism professionals LinkedIn group discussions include:
- agents looking for trips
- evnts
- partnership requests
and much more ... join today at

Sunday, October 24, 2010

1400+ members of Adventure Travel group plan online meetings

The Adventure Travel and Tourism LinkedIn professionals group has a very active community with new conversations, tours and events shared daily.
Press and agencey queries are also going out almost daily now.
Most recently the group decided to review the concept of online confrences where tour operators could mingle in real time and keynotes can share their products with the crowd.
Join us and stay tuned for updates

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Author looking for adventure companies in Yucatan Peninsula

As always there are lots of conversations going on in the LinkedIn group ~ here is one...
Hi All, I'm writing a book on the "undiscovered" Yucatan Peninsula. Would like info on any unusual, out-of-the-way trips or adventures in that area--cenotes and caves especially
Check the discussion and share your knowledge at

Monday, July 26, 2010

Adventure Engine is hiring! Office manger

Join this fast paced, cutting edge company!

Skill Set:
Writing skills – Marketing material, website copy, system manual, client correspondence
Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications
Bookkeeping – Simply Accounting, invoices, cash receipt reconciliation etc
FAST typing skills
Excellent organizational and analytical skills

Customer Service Ongoing
Client Care (training new clients on system)

The job is FT (40 hrs/week)with some shift work involved.

Home office with computer, phone and internet connection.
Some hours will be in main office located in Rossland BC other work from home.

Starts asap, hourly wage dependant on experience.
Applicants can email a resume or questions to Amber Hayes at
Only those applicants shortlisted for the position will be contacted.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tour operator with 15k+ customer database looking for partners

The Adventure Travel professional group on LinkedIn is buzzing these days with partnership requests,job postings and journalists looking for stories.
Its free to join here

excerpts from recent discussions:

"Looking for partnerships with non-competing adventure travel companies that could benefit from our database of active clients.We deal with around 15-20k clients per year and have enquires from many more. We are looking to expand via partnerships ..."

"Looking for high quality operators targeting particularly on the age 40+/higher end market with programs focused on learning, culinary, voluntourism, soft adventure experiences..."

Friday, July 02, 2010

Learn how to use free business network service LinkedIn

We will be hosting a free webinar on how to use LinkedIn to promote your business - July 13th 12 noon Pacific time!

The LinkedIn Adventure Travel professionals group has over 900 members in the adventure travel field. Just last week there were discussions like agents looking for womens only programs, journalists looking for bike/hike stories, queries on biking in Greece and more.
This is a free forum dedicated to adventure travel professional networking and is moderated to ensure no spam or inappropriate discussions.
Join today and share your products, events and find new partners and clients.

The upcoming webinar will teach you how to:
- set up an account
- maximize your profile
- network and add contacts
- create a group
- synch with facebook and twitter

Click here to register free of charge.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Online reservation systems and distribution explained

Feeling the need to keep up with travel industry using online sales but unsure if your company can easily take advantage of the benefits? Will your products, business methods and staff be successful online?

Join our free webinar, online reservation systems explained, to get the answers you need.

There are a lot of different tour operations out there and online reservation systems need to be able to handle both the simple and complex aspects.

* How will the system work?
* How easy it is to add an online shopping cart?
* What will customers experience?
* How easy will it be for your staff?
* How are different businesses benefiting?

This session will answer all of these questions and allow you the chance to ask your own!

July 8th , 12 noon Pacific
July 15th, 9 a.m. Pacific
July 29th, 12 noon Pacific

Click here to register free of charge.

Learn how to use LinkedIn to promote your travel business

Learn how to use LinkedIn!
We will be hosting a free webinar on how to use LinkedIn to promote your business - July 13th 12 noon Pacific time!

LinkedIn is a free business networking service and has millions of user world wide. You can use this network to promote your tourism business, find agents and partners, post jobs and share your product.
This webinar will teach you how to:
- set up an account
- maximize your profile
- network and add contacts
- create a group
- synch with facebook and twitter

Click here to register free of charge

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Operators looking for Womens Only Tours in Europe, agents looking for info on hiking..

The Adventure Tourism and Travel Professionals online forum has over 900+ members including agents, operators, journalists and tour providers. It is free to join and share your latest trips, stories, partner and build networks. Click here to visit LinkedIn

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New system demo days! Free webinars in June.

Feeling the need to keep up with travel industry using online sales but unsure if your company can easily take advantage of the benefits? Will your products, business methods and staff be successful online?

There are a lot of different tour operations out there and online reservation systems need to be able to handle both the simple and complex aspects.
How will the system work?
How easy it is to add an online shopping cart?
What will customers experience?
how easy will it be for your staff?
How are different businesses benefiting?

This session will answer all of these questions and allow you the chance to ask your own!

Click here to register free of charge for any of these dates
June 9th, 9 a.m. PDT
June 15th, 12 p.m. PDT
June 21st, 9 a.m. PDT
June 29th, 12 p.m. PDT

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

NEW! sneak peak at Summit: create custom client form

In this short video we review how Adventure Engine allows tour operators total control over design and function of the forms clients complete upon check-out.

One of key features is rule setting such as will this question be answered by all the participants in the group or just the group leader.
This functionality was created based on feedback we received from tour operators who needed a lot of information from the person booking the tour but only the name and email of the rest of the group members.

Operators create the question, determine the answers type (text, single, multiple choice) and can make the question required (or not)

And much more...!

Check the video and tell us what you think
(Hint: if you want to view full screen click the symbol of four arrows just below the YouTube logo)

Free webinar: how online reservation systems can work for you

Feeling the need to keep up with travel industry using online sales but unsure if your company can easily take advantage of the benefits? Will your products, business methods and staff be successful online?

There are a lot of different tour operations out there and online reservation systems need to be able to handle both the simple and complex aspects.
How will the system work?
How easy it is to add an online shopping cart?
What will customers experience?
how easy will it be for your staff?
How are different businesses benefiting?

This session will answer all of these questions and allow you the chance to ask your own!

May 27th, 12 p.m. PDT click here to register free of charge.

Monday, May 17, 2010

LinkedIn for AdventureTourism Industry: access 800+ peers

LinkedIn is an powerful, free tool for professionals in any industry.
It allows you to connect with your industry peers, network, quickly share news, events, find partners and much more.
Adventure Engine hosts a LinkedIn group that has over 800 members from the adventure tourism and travel industry. The group is moderated and only those with industry connections are permitted to access the group and discussions are limited to topics of interest to adventure tour and travel professionals (not weight loss pills!)
Every day there are new discussions, journalists looking for tourism story leads, agents looking for providers and tourism providers commenting on industry trends, new trip launches and events.
It is a great way to interact with a large group of industry professionals easily and the dialogue is fast a valuable in these channels.
LinkedIn has over 65 million members worldwide and grows steadily every day, the ability for your message to extrapolate through member networks is astonishing and it is a fabulous way to build your industry connections.
Hope you give it a try at and once you are on (or if you are already a member) be sure to try the Adventure Travel and Tourism Professionals Group click here. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing your content.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Adventure Engine welcomes EverGreen Escapes

EverGreen Escapes is the Pacific Northwest's premier local and sustainable adventure travel company based in Seattle, Washington USA. EverGreen Escapes specializes in crafting upscale nature, active and education based experiences throughout the Northwestern U.S. & British Columbia, Canada.

Whatever the pursuit-bird watching, hiking, sea kayaking, cycling, snowshoeing, rock climbing or wine tasting-your escape is creatively designed and executed with a commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

In keeping green, EverGreen Escapes is working with STI to help offset their carbon footprint. Through EverGreen Escapes' Adventure Engine shopping cart, customers will now be able to voluntarily opt-in and offset during the reservation process.

"My AE system will allow me to offer carbon offset donations right into the shopping carts of my existing trips. Even better, I can choose whether it's a fixed, mandatory amount or a variable, optional amount. I love the flexibility. Super quick and easy."

- Jake Haupert, Owner

EverGreen Escapes

Agents and tour operators seeking tours to sell!

Adventureengine hosts a very active community of tourism professionals in the online community LinkedIn. Currently there are several operators looking for ground tour providers to represent.

"Looking for high quality operators targeting particularly on the age 40+/higher end market with programs focused on learning, culinary, voluntourism, soft adventure experiences.

We are currently hosting trip content provided by approximately 600 small/medium size tour providers worldwide. We could use more unique programs in the listed categories. We do not host inventory but rather connect consumers directly with tour providers. If you offer this type of program please contact me! Recommendations required. "

Click here to join the LinkedIn group and respond to this and other requests.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Google Analytics and Third Party Booking Engines

An important part of any marketing campaign is the aftermath - analyzing the return on investment. So how do you know what works and what falls flat?

Sarah Greener from Bay of Islands Rock Cruises had already integrated Google Analytics with her website, but she wanted to go a step further and track her customers' behavior in her Adventure Engine shopping carts.

By adding Google Analytics to her Adventure Engine online shopping carts Sarah is now reaping the benefits of being able to track traffic through her site including her shopping carts.

Sample Google Analytics Features

Geo targeting
- identify your most lucrative geographic markets

Ecommerce reporting - trace transactions to campaigns and keywords, get loyalty and latency metrics, and identify your best revenue sources

Campaign Tracking - track email campaigns, banner ads, offline ads and more

Integrated with AdWords and AdSense - optimize your AdWords performance with post-click data on your keywords, search queries, match type and more; AdSense reports show publishers which site content generates the most revenue.

Sample Adventure Engine Shopping cart features:

Real time - by using the Adventure Engine system and trip changes made by the operator or seats sold (either through the online shopping cart or in the adminstration area) are automatically relfested in the online availability calendar and shopping cart. Time saver!

Easy to install: only one line of code and your website is a an ecommerce site.

Easily add carts to your agent or partner sites- want to sell your trips on other websites but don't want the hassle of updating them? The Adventure Engine carts can be placed on your partners sites in minutes, track sales and commissions plus they udate instantly with any change just like the supplier cart. never have stale information on your distribution network again!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Agent looking for hiking, biking trips in N America and Europe

The Adventure Travel Professionals LinkedIn group has a lot of discussions going on - journalists looking for stories, agents for trips and tons of industry news.
Here is a snippet

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Follow us on Twitter at adventureengine

We will be reposting conversations from the LinkedIn group as well as other valuable industry news.

LinkedIn Adventure Tourism group reaching 500 with agents looking for trips and journalists for stories

If you have not joined yet you should definately check our Adventure Tourism and Travel professionals group at linkedIn. Conversations are raging about insurance, best practice, writers looking for stories, agents picking up new trips and more...
Check it out here
Highlight: company looking to represent hiking, biking and kayaking trips click to view

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Next generation technology for regional tourism: all members, all products, all connected, one shopping cart.

Many regional tourism associations are turning to technology to boost their local tourism economy.

"Over 85% of North Americans are researching leisure travel online and 55% of those people are now BOOKING online. If you are not offering this feature, you could be losing sales. "- Yahoo Marketing 2006

Entire regions recognize the need to get their products online to provide a seamless booking experience for online shoppers and agents. To date communities and regional tourism associations have struggled to provide one vehicle for all of their members that is both an effective online marketing and sales tool yet accessible to all of their members.

Using the next generation concept of shared web based services, Adventure Engine has launched a system will allow one administrator (typically the regional tourism department) to host a regional account that permits unlimited members to load, manage and sell trips through the system - on the association site, on every member site and on an unlimited number of partner and distribution sites. AE opens up numerous new third party agent outlets for members' products including commission tracking.

A WIN WIN for all...

Individual regional members gain access to critical technology
Consumers can easily book their own multi-tour packages
Regional tourism offices meet their mandate, track hits, sales volumes, marketing redirects and other critical statistical information.

"We are extremely excited by the opportunity the platform will provide to communities worldwide. There is no other system out there that provides a reservation system for individual members, connects various operators' trips into one shopping cart and automates the entire post sale receipting, reporting, funds transfers, and commission payments like this system. It just can't get more powerful and accessible. This is setting the bar for communities' solutions worldwide." States AE Co-founder, Kelly Acheson.

While buzz concepts like Twitter and Blogging have been headlining as promotional tools they are not capable of easily managing and selling tours. It is widely accepted industry standard that in order to be competitive individual operators need to have online reservation systems but this has the effect of scattering the user experience once customers arrive at the destination regional tourism website.

Regional trips can be combined in virtually endless ways online allowing for search, package and book functionality to customers visiting the regional website. In one stop to the tourism site customers can buy several tour products, nights' accommodation and a charter flight. All the tourism members can access cutting edge administration tools, reservation system, e-commerce shopping carts, merchant accounts.

The Regional System offers next generation functionality at a lowered cost per user. The Communities program has already launched in South Africa (see side bar), Tourism Canmore and will deploy with Spanish language translation in the Dominican Republic this winter.

The Adventure Community System

Here are just some of the benefits for tourism and recreation associations:

Connect and promote your members
Increase sales
Online sales for members
Bundle multiple products
Booking systems, shopping carts, availability calendars,
Members manage their own content
Centralize your tourism product
Multi-currencies and languages
Add a search and booking engine to your Tourism or Association website

Want to learn more about Adventure Engine's Community System? Click here

Friday, August 28, 2009

One of Latin Americas most successful Hostels - Milhouse Hostel - chooses Adventureengine

Milhouse is one of the most successful hostels in Latin America.

They have recently made the shift to integrate Adventure Engine for all payment processing. "When traveling around South America sometimes ATM's are not easy to find, they don't always work or they just charge a lot for a normal money withdraw. With Adventure Engine we've improved a lot the payment process making it more efficient and making life easier for our guests as they don't have to carry much cash. We have already increased sales as people spend more if they can use their credit cards and of course, as a consequence, we are offering a better service which is always the main goal for any hostel."

- Mariano Saccal
Milhouse Hostel

Milhouse's customer focus is a major factor in their success, and they have been developing their services a lot in the last few years in order to keep ahead of the game. They have gone from a hostel where you could book a bed in a room to a hostel that provides a true and complete experience. Travelers can choose to stay in either dorms or private en suite rooms, with activities every single day, a travel agency specialized in backpacker products and very high quality standards.

Hostels in general and Milhouse in particular are nowadays very far from the old concept of a room with hundreds of bunk beds and a huge shared bathroom. You will be pleased to find very convenient places to stay, with great value for your money and an atmosphere that will make your stay something to remember at Milhouse Hostel.

Check out their website

The New Face of Hostels

You may want to rethink your idea of hostels.

The hostel scene has changed dramatically in the last ten years. The hostels of today are stylish, modern, clean, and are a great economic alternative to a hotel room. Hostels are becoming more and more popular, partly due to the economic downturn but also because they help provide the complete travel experience.

Recent findings from the World Tourism Organization show that young people today are traveling with a purpose - "to explore and to engage with cultures, and to mix their travel ambitions with study, work, volunteer placements and adventure. They tend to stay much longer and therefore spend more than the average tourist, interacting more closely with the communities that they visit and making a direct contribution to local businesses". This only further proves that there's a great opportunity out there for both hostels and local tour companies to partner together in order to bundle travel packages with accommodation in order to truly give this "experience" that today's traveler is searching for.

Hostels are a great source of information on local activities and for those that are already using online booking software, it's easy to become a reseller and sell local product. "The youth travel market is worth an estimated US $136 billion a year, or around 18% of worldwide international tourism receipts" (OMT - WYSE). Average money spent per trip grew 39% between 2002 and 2007 - and this could grow even further with closer relationships between hostels and local companies.

Hostels: Not Just For Youth

The long-standing myth that hostels are only for young people is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Although the youth travel segment accounts for a large portion of all dollars spent in hostels, one can't ignore the other target markets that are growing annually in market share.

Once commonly referred to as "youth hostels", hostels are shedding this image and becoming all ages friendly. More and more hostels are losing the age restriction rules they once had, and also marketing towards more a more diverse clientele. Target demographic groups are now expanding to include business and family travelers, which is also accounting for the higher demand of private rooms.

In addition to the business professional looking for some company and vacationing families on a budget, there are "grey gappers" who used hostels in their youth but are now looking for more comfort without breaking the bank. There is a dramatic shift happening right now as hostels expand their offerings to suit these new target demographics, and one can see why it's so important to act on these recent trends when "50% of the hostels all around the world increased their amount of beds in 2006" (source: OMT - WYSE).

The Adventure Engine System
Popular tool for hostels!
Some hostels use Adventureengine for all of thier reservaiton and distribution needs. Others use Adventureengine as an online payment service fir guests while maintaining their own in house res system!

Not only can Adventure Engine save your company money, we can also free your staff from manual tasks like data entry, inventory tracking and reporting so you can grow effectively and improve guest service and sales.

Adventure Engine provides three main services:

1. Reservation and booking system - get all your bookings into one affordable and easy to use system.

2. Online shopping cart and payment processing for your website - customers can check up to date availability and book online at their convenience.

3. Interfacing / networking with your existing agent network making it easier for them to book your trips - and access to our growing network of distributors giving you extremely affordable marketing exposure.

Friday, July 31, 2009 chooses Adventureengine to supply tours to their agency

Adventure Engine and resellers - a partnership worth pursuing! is an online Travel Agency offering over 100,000 hotels & resorts, 600 airlines, cruises, car hire & rentals anywhere in the world. recently signed up with Adventure Engine to showcase Adventure Travel. They feature just some of the 1000+ awesome, commission ready adventure tours all around the world on their new live booking engine.

"When developing we spent months searching for and going through (nearly) every available "adventure travel" affiliate program that is there on the market, and the features combined with the quality of service and response time that we get from Adventure Engine has been the best that we have seen. Thanks so much everyone at Adventure Engine, especially Kelly and Rose."

- Muhammad Kasmani

Online Travel Bookings a Bright Spot

The travel environment remains "surprisingly difficult" everywhere in the world but online travel agency (OTA) bookings should continue to be a bright spot, says a new study by PhoCusWright Inc.

"Online travel agencies should benefit from the ongoing shift in transactions from traditional points of purchase toward the Internet,"said Jack Fuller, the author of the study. He also cited a better-than-expected domestic leisure travel season as another factor improving the outlook for online.

Online Sales Boom

Online booms as travel numbers tumble

SYDNEY - Traveller numbers have declined in Australia, but the proportion of online bookings has grown sharply, increasing by 26 percent.

Tim Russell, managing director of Amadeus Australia and New Zealand, said, "Online travel agencies are benefiting from the current economic environment, with travellers believing that the best prices can be found online."

Read More:

The Adventure Engine System

Adventure Engine offers online sales solutions for every tour operation type - whether you deal in adrenaline adventures or experiential getaways. We help Operators GET ONLINE with our availability calendars, customizable registration forms and shopping carts ... ALL directly connected to their Adventure Engine reservation system.

We also work hard on your behalf to distribute your product to multiple online adventure and travel agency websites.

Adventure Engine provides three main services:

1. Reservation and booking system - get all your bookings into one affordable and easy to use system.

2. Online shopping cart and payment processing for your website - customers can check up to date availability and book online at their convenience.

3. Interfacing / networking with your existing agent network making it easier for them to book your trips - and access to our growing network of distributors giving you extremely affordable marketing exposure.

"We have been using Adventure Engine almost since their inception and we've been very happy with the service. It has saved us a HUGE amount of time with database management and processing sales, and has made booking trips easier for customers as well. Over 80% of our customers now book their trips online."

- Mike Brcic, Owner

Sacred Rides

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Find Adventures on will be showing Adventure Engine trips on their new consumer website.
This is a great opportunity for Adventure Engine tour operators to sell their programs through this very popular travel site!

Check their website out here:

Family Vacations and Activities

Or join their blog to keep up to date!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

ATTA research "automate everything possible"

Adventure Engine recently attended a presentation put on by the Adventure Travel Trade Association and learned a great deal more about adventure travel in today's market.

One of the major points covered in the presentation was the importance of focusing on operator efficiencies, especially by automating everything possible. Anything done more than once should be examined as a possible candidate for automation. This can include everything from reservations to collecting payments, creating reports to sending email confirmations.

Other great tips from ATTA's "in the field" presentation section include:

Tighten assortment - let go of unproductive segment - if a trip isn't great, ELIMINATE IT
View your trips as a service, like a doctor or lawyer - discount CREATIVELY
Yield management - what yields the GREATEST return in terms of profit, customer return, cost-elimination

Click here to learn more about the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

BC Ministry of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development gives kudos to Adventure Engine

From ice-climbing trips on the glaciers of Patagonia to surfing charters off the coast of Indonesia, Adventure Engine is helping the adventure and experiential travel industry to grow – all from Rossland, B.C.

Kelly Acheson and Amber Hayes of Adventure Engine got into business when they saw a gap in the online reservation technology that was available to the adventure travel industry. Most adventure tour companies are small businesses, and many do not have the technical knowledge or resources to offer online booking on their own. As well, most generic software is designed for the conventional travel industry and is either unaffordable or does not meet tour operators’ specific needs.

Adventure Engine is an easy and affordable online booking management system designed specifically for adventure and experiential tour operators. Before Adventure Engine, many tour operators spent extra time in the office completing registrations. Now, this process can be completely automated and even customized to ask important trip-specific questions like “what is your flipper size?” or “do you have rock climbing experience?” The system is available 24 hours a day, meaning tour operators can spend less time in the office and more time in the field with clients.

In addition to online reservations, Adventure Engine provides a sophisticated interface for travel agents and partners. The system’s tools range from simple solutions to complicated customer development upgrades to suit the requirements and budget of any tour operator.

The Kootenay Association for Science and Technology works to enhance the competitiveness of companies like Adventure Engine by advancing science and technology in the West Kootenay-Boundary region. “KAST is huge supporter and promoter of technology in rural areas,” says Acheson. “They provide workshops and networking, and they helped us to better understand our own product and our industry.”

With clients all over the world, Adventure Engine is looking forward to expanding even more. “The sky’s the limit,” says Acheson. “As more and more operators learn of this great opportunity, we will continue to become the globally recognized industry experts.”

For more information about Adventure Engine, visit

To learn more about science and technology in the West Kootenay-Boundary region, visit

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Technology can determine tour company survival in 2009

2009 seems to be all about cutting costs and doing more with less…but like any period of challenge there is opportunity to move to the front of the pack, re assess organizational processes and come out of tough times a stronger and more effective company.
The adventure tour industry in particular has been slow to adopt the technology that saves other travel sectors millions annually. But for those visionary tour operators the application of technology has allowed substantial company gains even in these tough times.

The case of Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Tour Company is true testament to the opportunity present for those companies ready to seize it. The company president Mike Brcic comments,

“ New technology has allowed me to move over 90% of my sales through the website shopping cart avoiding time intensive calls, not required particularly for my return guests. With an average of just half an hour per sale this frees up over 20% of my sales budget and staff time to invest in other areas of the organization.”

“Adventure Engine allows us to automate our online availability and bookings. If a client registers online: credit card payment, client/s data entry to the database, trip seat adjustment, gear adjustment and allocation, follow up email and receipt, balance owing and reporting are all managed in one step automatically. We can even include charitable donations in the check out as an option for guests. We also had the opportunity to expose our products through channels like WestJet and to present to and promote our trips through a large national travel agency in 2008, unlikely without Adventure Engine.”

Mike goes on to discuss the impact this has made in his business “…moving to the online booking system provided by Adventure Engine has provided us with a quantum leap forward in productivity, allowing us to dedicate our time to the continuing effort to improve our product and customer service. In 2009, this paid off nicely with a ranking as the “#1 mountain bike tour operator on Earth” by National Geographic Adventure magazine. “

The success of companies like Sacred Rides may become the foundation for more adventure and experiential tour companies to embrace new technology as a critical tool for surviving the tough waters ahead.
The turbulence is even being felt now in regional tourism organizations as they feel increasing pressure to make their region more competitive and win over the lessening number of travelers.

Adventure Engine Partner Amber Hayes comments “We are celebrating with clients the capacity for these systems to optimize operations in such a customized way. We are a tech company founded by tour operators and are passionate about the success of this industry. Now we just hope more tourism boards use this system to get their region to market so we can report on gains in that area as well. “

To review the system and how results like Mike’s are achieved please contact Adventure Engine.
Visit Adventure Engine , email

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Online sales continue to rise - are you selling online?

Good news during tough times online sales continue to grow and in a seperate study outdoor sales continue growth despite downturns in other industries.
Make sure you optimizing your website to provide up to the minute online availability and booking
Not providing this yet ? AE can provide you with everything you need in one easy package.
Check out the latest PhocusWright survey on European online sales here
And the American Outdoors survey on Outdoor service and product sales here.

And one further hint - affluent travelers continue to purchase travel!

We hope you find these references helpful and look forward to helping you perform effectively as you manage your business in 2009!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Show your trips on VAST travel -a new sales opportunity for AE clients!

Trips on are now displayed and ready for sale on is the leading vertical search platform for autos, travel, and real estate, with millions of users a month making purchasing decisions through's network of partner websites. improves the online shopping experience with the largest selection, sub-second search times, and intuitive auto, real estate, and vacation/travel search that helps users find the best match on the Internet for their needs.

This means if you are signed on with Adventureengine and have trips available; your trips will be shown on this superb travel site!
A great opportunity for both marketing and sales of your programs.
No extra cost for Adventureengine subscribers.
Just another way Adventureengine helps you manage and sell your trips!

See Adventureengine trips on VAST by clicking here

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Success Story of the Month

Bay of Islands Rock Cruises Ltd. registered with the Adventure Engine system at the end of November and was up and running by the beginning of December. That's how quick and easy this system is to use!

Check out what Sarah McMaster, owner of Bay of Islands Rock Cruises company has to say:

"Our small overnight cruise business in Bay of Islands, New Zealand recently decided to make the move to online booking. On a recommen-dation I got in contact with Kelly and her team. Inside three weeks we were up and online with our first online bookings coming through in the first 24 hours we went live! It was so quick and easy. Any queries we had were answered straight away and the link into our banking system was set up immediately. Thanks to Adventure Engine the whole process was quick
and easy."

Take a look at the Bay of Islands Rock Cruises website to see how seamlessly the Adventure Engine system integrates into their site and just how easy it is for your customers to use.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New PhoCusWright study shows online buying increase on supplier sites

A December 2008 study by PhocusWright shows that online buyers in the leisure market continue to prefer buying direct online through the supplier website.

Previous studies showed over 90% of travelers research online and now over 60% book online. Make sure your website is ready to avoid losing sales with real time availability calendars and trip shopping carts (Not sure? Adventure Engine can show you how to add these easily)

Click here to view the article:
Booking methods depend on travelers' needs
Suppliers seem to have won the battle for online leisure and unmanaged business travel market share in the US, according to December 2008 PhoCusWright data....

Monday, December 29, 2008

Every company type can use Adventureengine

We are often asked what kinds of adventure tour companies and what activities can use Adventureengine.
Our answer is simple – all of them.
Everything from hourly, daily, multi-day trips.
Accommodation based, inventory heavy, different prices different days/weeks no problem.
Or you just have simple trips? Basic price and add on options – even easier.
Some of our companies use adventure engine as a way to track inventory, allow travel agents access/booking ability, as a cash register/ merchant account provider, online reservation system and more.

We work host over 50 activity types using the system and more each day. Activities like hiking, paragliding, biking, rafting, kite surfing, skiing, safaris, small cruise and more

So to bring in the New Year – save yourself money, time and bring your product online in 2009. We will help you bring your company up to speed no matter what kind of company you have!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

New Report Options with Adventureengine

Now reporting is easier than ever with Adventure Engine.
As always when a sale is made either in your office or online all the sale data is immediately available for reporting. This can save your staff a ton of time, remove human error caused by cutting and pasting from email forms and save money!
Now new templates make it easier than ever to save your report preferences, just save your report setting and with once click create reports.
Reporting covers everything from accounting to full trip summaries. Guest reports for each departure can include all contact information, answers to guest questions, gear ordered,inventory, special notes - everything your trip leader needs at a glance!
Call or email us for a demo today

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Have complicated trips and inventory? No problem!

Adventure Engines newest release includes an industry leading inventory module.
Tour companies with complicated inventory requirements have been kept off the real time online sales playing field and missing out on thousands in savings - but no more!
Companies manually tracking inventory often scramble to update assignments and with multiple staff can easily double book.

Now companies that use shared inventory to run their trips and tours can manage availability using Adventure Engine and never worry again.

If your operation has complicated rules to set availability by for example:
You have a lodge for 20 plus 3 vehicles for transporting clients, 20 pieces of rental gear and advertise a 3,5,7 day tour all using the same inventory the Adventure Engine system can handle it.
If a group books out Dec 25-28th with a 3 day booking the 5 and 7 day will no longer be available.(unless the system manager overrides)

It is perfect for lodges, rafting companies, cruise, tours using multi inventory shared across trips that affect availability.

In our experience most tourism operators can mange with the base module and "extras functionality" to manage their inventory and rentals but if you have a complex scenario like the one above - we can handle it. And our staff set it up for you!

rule setting: inventory is assigned rules like:
- is it included or an additional cost
- is it mandatory or optional
- is this item viewable by the client during booking or just for management
- does this item affect availability or not
- black out dates
- transfer clients from one inventory item to another
- base reporting ( customized reporting can be provided)
- prices of inventory (room or transport vehicle etc) pricing can alter based on trip or date
- program a piece of inventory to be used only certain days of trips
- inventory build - a "parent" can be set like Lodge A then "children" added like all the rooms and their individual capacity create availability for the parent lodge
- availability calendar of all items per trip or date range at a glance

inventory is created based on your organizations needs and assigned to trips, one change to inventory automatically updates all trips that use it.
Never worry about double booking again?

View a short video demo here

Call us or email for a demo at

Monday, November 10, 2008

Social Media Marketing Webinar - direct from a sucessful operator!

Last Year, Sacred Rides cut their marketing budget by half, fired their publicist and DOUBLED their revenues all in one year!


November 18 1:00 - 2:30 pm & November 20 1:00 - 2:30 pm EST (GMT -5)

"Do you Digg your customers? Do you Twitter the day away? Are you a Flickr fanatic?

If none of this makes any sense to you, then you are missing out on a whole new way of reaching your customers and engaging them in a longterm conversation about your brand and your business. Social media marketing is changing the way companies engage their clients, and getting involved in the conversation can bring your business massive benefits. Stay behind the curve and you might end up your competitors' dust.

As the global economic crisis deepens day by day, there's no time like the present to learn valuable tools that will save you money and generate new revenue. Eliminate ineffective marketing techniques and learn how to tap into the world wide web. It may be crucial for survival during these tough economic times. Social Media Marketing often does not cost anything.

Come prepared to have your eyes opened to a whole new way of talking to your customers!"

WEBINAR - Social Media Marketing for Adventure Operators
Don't miss this 3 hour online workshop split over a 2 day period

November 18 1:00pm - 2:30pm November 20 1:00pm - 2:30pm
Cost $120

Click here to register now!

The workshop IS a single 3 hour workshop over a two day period, but if you can't make both parts, you can register for one for $75

In this informative and entertaining webinar, Mike Brcic, president/owner of Sacred Rides Mountain Bike Holidays - one of Canada's most successful adventure tour operators - shares the secrets of social media marketing that allowed him to fire his publicist, halve his marketing budget, and double his revenue in the span of just one year.

Learn incredible, low-cost and effective techniques for building awareness about your brand and increasing revenue while slashing your marketing budget. Mike will take you through the various tools available, show you specific examples of how he used them, and explain how you can use them to come up with a customized solution for your own business. You'll also receive a digital handbook to help you step by step to launch your own social media marketing campaign.

Check out

Seminar 1

-The basics of social media marketing
-The Jerry Falwell Technique: turning your customers into evangelists
-A 2-way Street: Engaging your customers in a conversation
-The Mall: Finding your customers' online hangouts
-Clean Up Your Room: Maintaining an effective customer database
-The Blog Heard Round the World: How to set up a blog and promote it effectively
-Internet Cocaine: Using Facebook to promote your business
-Internet Shakespeare: Writing an effective newsletter

Seminar 2

-Advanced social media marketing techniques
-Facebook 2.0: advanced techniques for using Facebook to reach your clients
-A Picture is Worth 1,000 words, A Video is Worth 1,000 Pictures: using multimedia to engage your clients: Flickr, YouTube, GoogleVideo, etc...
-LinkedIn: the Facebook for professionals
-Blogging 2.0: how to get more people reading your blog, how to get subscribers, guest blogging, etc...
-Sharing: using sites like StumpleUpon, Reddit, and other bookmarking/sharing sites to allow your customers to easily share your site with others
-I'm the Expert: setting up a HubPage
-Bringing it all Together: integrating your social media platform into one seamless whole

Included is a digital handbook that will help you STEP by STEP design and development your own marketing campaign

Click here to register now!

Find Adventures on will be showing Adventure Engine trips on their new consumer website.
This is a great opportunity for Adventure Engine tour operators to sell their programs through this very popular travel site!

Check their website out here:

Family Vacations and Activities

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How busy tour companies can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars

How busy tour companies can save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.Companies that run tours and activities can save hundreds of hours every year by automating simple processes in their operation.A few examples for a company running 1000 seats a year automating the following processes:

· Answering calls for availability = save 175 hours
· Having to manually enter client information = 125 hours
· Sending balance owing reminders = 50 hours
· Adding to orders manually = 125 hours
· Sending post sale information manually = 50 hours

Just these few small tasks (10-15 minutes each) can add up to over 500 hours a year.
At $12 an hour that’s $6000!

How do you save this time?

Upgrade your reservation system and connect it to a booking engine with an availability calendar on your website.
Whether you run simple or complex trips Adventure Engine can set up the perfect system for your company.
Get a full reservation and online sales system for as little as $299 set up and $99/month. This even includes an online Visa/MC merchant account if you need one.

A free consultation is provided to overview how your company sells trips and how you can benefit from an online reservation system. The staff at Adventure Engine can set up the entire system for you and get you selling on line and saving time quickly and easily.

View features at

Call Adventure Engine at 1 800 993 6648 or visit the site at to set up your free consultation and get started now.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

NEXTgen traveler online behavior

NEXTgen travelers are most influenced by the ability to check lowest fares, photos of hotel/resort and lowest price guarantee
Technology is a lifestyle for the next generation of travelers, a group defined by their attitudes and comfort with and interest in technology, rather than their age, gender, income or status in life.
PhoCusWright and Ypartnership’s The NEXTgen Traveler™ reveals that emerging technology has not only affected the manner in which travel service suppliers bring their products and services to the marketplace, it has also had an equally profound effect on those who use it.
More than seven in ten NEXTgen travelers consider the ability to check the lowest available fares or rates (77%), photos of the hotel/resort (73%) and guarantees of the lowest available fares or rates (72%) influential Web site features when making decisions about travel destination or services.
At least one-half of this group of travelers also finds the following influential:
Easy-to-use booking feature (69%)
Virtual video tours of hotel/resort facilities, rooms, etc. (60%)
Area maps (59%)
Area photos (58%)
What’s more, the majority of NEXTgen travelers check last minute air, hotel and car rental availability (55%), and schedule and confirm vacation activities in advance of arrival (54%).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

6 Online Travel Myths Unmasked at PhoCusWright Analyst Forum

Myth #1: The number of online travel buyers in the U.S. is declining. In fact, that number is on the rise, as documented in The Consumer Travel Trends Tenth Edition recently published by PhoCusWright Inc. In 2007, approximately 70% of online travelers (that is, adults who have taken a commercial air trip and stayed at a hotel for leisure in the past year, and used the Internet in the past 30 days) bought travel online, compared to 63% in 2006.
PhoCusWright dispelled this piece of misinformation-and debunked five additional online travel myths-at its first-ever Analyst Forum, held September 10 in New York City.
In addition to the misconception that online travel buyers are declining, The PhoCusWright Analyst Forum corrected these five other online travel myths:

Myth 1. The number of online travel buyers in the U.S. is declining. In fact, that number is on the rise, as documented in The Consumer Travel Trends Tenth Edition recently published by PhoCusWright Inc. In 2007, approximately 70% of online travelers (that is, adults who have taken a commercial air trip and stayed at a hotel for leisure in the past year, and used the Internet in the past 30 days) bought travel online, compared to 63% in 2006.

Myth 2. More and more online travel shoppers use supplier sites than online travel agencies. While this belief is widespread in the travel industry, it is simply untrue, according to PhoCusWright, the travel industry research firm. In terms of popularity, online travel agencies are making a comeback (source: The PhoCusWright Consumer Travel Trends Survey Tenth Edition or "CTTS10").

Myth 3. Travel agencies are experiencing a resurgence as travelers return to traditional purchasing channels. Not so. In reality, even many formerly exclusive offline buyers are migrating online for travel shopping and buying, according to CTTS10.

Myth 4. The next generation of travelers prefers to do everything online. The truth is, less than half of what 18-28 year olds spend on travel is spent online, according to The NEXTgen Traveler(TM) report, jointly published by PhoCusWright and Ypartnership.

Myth 5. Social networks and travel reviews have the greatest influence on travel decision-making. The NEXTgen Traveler(TM) report reveals that while social media is widespread, destination Web sites and online travel agencies are favored by nearly half of next generation travelers during the travel shopping process.

Myth 6. Online travel markets need high credit card and Internet penetration to succeed. The structure and ambitions of the travel marketplace are even more important drivers than infrastructure. Case in point is India, one of the most dynamic online travel marketplaces today, where roughly 98% of the population does not use credit cards or have access to the Internet.
The sold-out Analyst Forum provided attendees with a clearer understanding of the realities of the online travel marketplace, offering facts, figures and insights for strategic planning and decision-making, especially as attendees find themselves engaged in 2009 budget planning.
"Nobody wants to make strategic errors based on bad information," said Lorraine Sileo, vice president, research for PhoCusWright. "Through this Analyst Forum, we were able to educate attendees about online travel myths and the realities in consumer behavior and to paint a picture of the new distribution landscape so that they can better assess their channel partners, such as travel agencies."
PhoCusWright's Analyst Forum will continue to take place on a quarterly basis in New York City featuring research and analysis on a variety of travel, tourism and hospitality topics.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Adventure Travel Trade Association World Summit Brazil

The ATTA world Summit took place Sept 3-7 in Sao Paulo Brazil.
Adventure Engine CEO presented as an industry expert on the topic of Online sales and Distribution for Adventure Travel.

The first of two 2008 Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS) events organized by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) set event attendance records with more than 700 representatives from 33 countries participating in the sold-out, September 3-7 event in São Paulo, Brazil. The Summit was its first ever outside of North America.

We will be passing on some of the great tips and stats picked up at the summit to our Blog subscribers in the coming weeks.

For those readers who want to attend the session What is Online distribution ? Benefits for Tour Operators we will be holding an live online session Sept 29 1 pm PDT click here to register free of charge ( and no need to even leave the office)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Arctic Tropic adds online sales to their website with Adventure Engine partnership.

Capitalizing on the trend of over 90% of travelers researching and over 55% buying their leisure travel online, Arctic Tropic is adding a “Buy Online” option to their consumer site as a value add for their subscribers. This feature will allow shoppers to view trip availability and make a purchase directly from the Arctic Tropic website.
Adventure Engine is supporting this functionality with its trip distribution system and by offering their platform to Arctic Tropic subscribers.

“We are very excited about the opportunity for Arctic Tropic subscribers to begin actively selling from the website.” commented Amber Hayes CEO of Adventure Engine.
“Adventure Engine allows any type of tour operator to load their trips to the Adventure Engine system and begin selling direct from their own website and the Arctic Tropic site. This is a great opportunity to start converting the shoppers on Arctic Tropic to buyers! We see our tour suppliers saving up to 60% per reservation by automating online reservations so this is a great upgrade for suppliers who currently don’t have this functionality.”

Tourism operators using Adventure Engine have also had their loaded to Arctic Tropic increasing their distribution scope.

To see an example of the Arctic Tropic online system in action with one of these suppliers click here
We hope that this opportunity for sales conversion is embraced by the current marketing program subscribers to Arctic Tropic.
To provide more informationAdventure Engine will be holding an online seminar to review the program open to all Arctic Tropic and Adventure Engine subscribers.
It will include program benefits, fees and requirements as well as live case studies. Industry tips like key trip description content to support online sales conversion will also be reviewed in the session.

To join the online session August 7th, 1 pm PST click here private consultation contact Amber Hayes of Adventure Engine at or call 1 800 993 6648.

More About
__________________________________________________________________________________________________ About
Arctic Tropic:
ArcticTropic links to adventure travel destinations from Pole to Pole - From the Greenwich Meridian to the International Date Line.ArcticTropic is a site for serious adventure travelers - not the casual tourist.ArcticTropic is not the place to find an “All You Can Eat “ Caribbean cruise package- instead ArcticTropic will point you towards Antarctic expeditions the far flung South Atlantic. On land and at sea - many of the locations offer comfortable accommodations and excellent, exotic dining.ArcticTropic links to over 700 destinations and guides in 117 countries. The number increases daily.ArcticTropic links directly to the websites that offer adventure activities, or are nearby to adventure activities.Destination websites appear in a separate window - without leaving This allows you to explore - then return to ArcticTropic to search further. A Google Earth Icon is shown with every listing in order to determine the exact location. Click here for more

About Adventure Engine:
Adventure Engine is an award winning international travel technology company specializing in Adventure and Experiential travel. Adventure Engine knows adventure travel and our consultants will work with each company to plan upgrades based on their unique business model, client and product type. Adventure Engine guarantees profits from online sales and an improved reservation system. They work with tour companies that have simple or extremely complex tours. Adventure Engine services include ongoing consultation, trip loading, unlimited training & support. Visit the site to find out about the features and services offered at